Friday, January 4, 2013

So I say goodbye to my long hair and has a new hairstyle for year 2013

I said goodbye to my long hair and I'm going to miss this hair for a while!

If you don't know, I cut my hair shorter.. .. I mean SHORT!

I've been thinking to cut my hair shorter for quite some times ( few years maybe) for some reasons
1) My hair is damaged from bleaching and it cannot be rescued anymore even after 2 years of bleaching! My hair ends are dry & have split ends and I was depressed!
2) Hair fall problem that leads to hair thinning and soon balding!
3) I am just too bored with my hairstyle (has been 10 yrs alrdy!) and I wanted a CHANGE...I know curly hair is nice but I', lazy to curl up my hair all the time and its damaging as well.

BUT every time I sat on the salon's chair and asked for a shorter hair, above my shoulder... the stylist just replied.. your face is round and short hair would not looked nice on you ( or another word UGLY). Sigh And all stylist I met over the years, be it the expensive salon or those cheap one.. all told me the same.. that if I insist cutting my hair shorter, it is a bad choice because it would make face looked rounder.. etc.. And I am torn and don't know if I should change hairstyle..! I am in dilemma...

Not only recently, I was chatting with ParisB and I told her how I envy her hairstyle because she change all time and it looked really nice on her! And I told her I am stuck with my long hair and all sylists said best hairstyle for me is long hair and I will look wrong in shorter hair with my round face. And then she said she has the problem until she met her stylist Thomas. So quickly asked for the salon name and went home and google and hunt down this guy Thomas!

Thomas is a really busy man, after many many phone calls finally I book a spot. And when I met him, I told him I wanted a short hair and whether it will looked okay on me. And he said "You got a boring hairstyle and I decided to do something nice for you". I said okay up to you as long it looked nice! I like how decisive and confident he sounded and I agreed immediately!

So he chopped off my hair half within seconds. I thought to myself...not too bad, I still have shoulder length hair!

But Thomas said he is not quite done with it and that is only the beginning of my hair cut!  So he send me to go shampoo (the head massage was excellent!) and when after my hair is blow dry, he came back and started to do magic on my hair. I was observing carefully what he was trying to do but can't really figure out! And he told me that he is going to cut my hair really short and it would looked fresh & fantastic!

After 30 mins or so....

 JENG JENG JENG... my new hairstlye!!! Nice or not!!!!!

Thomas gave my hair a new life ! And who say round face cannot have short hair?

I feel young & fresh... and it has been a while I forgot how light my hair can be!

 The overall cut, it was a nice sleek cut!

I was really happy with my haircut and that was my best 2012 decision to go to Thomas. He knew what he want to do with my hair the first instance he saw me and that is what I need. A stylist that can design a hairstyle for me not the other way round.. because I am not a professional hair stylist, I don't know if this or that hairstyle looked nice on me ..And I also found out that Thomas is owner of the salon and he has 15 years experience! Actually I did asked Thomas why he cut my hair so short like that and aren't him afraid I cannot accept it... he said he actually observe when he talked to me and that he knew I could definitely carry the look! Wow, he did observe my personality before making the hair cut!

Well after a week of hair cut, I still can't believe it that I am now having short hair and I am quite  enjoying it! Shampooing or blow drying hair is so much faster now and Ilove how I do not need to "park" my hair every time before I sleep. 

Although I was first was kinda afraid that short hair would look boyish and won't look nice especially if I am wearing dress... but I was quite surprise that short hair just makes me feel fresh & chic!
After trying this pink dress in Debenhham, I just think my short hair looked so good in dress too!

So I am enjoying my short hair moment now and I glad I took the courage to cut it short especially when our age increases in 2013, I am  I looked younger in short hair & let me temporary forget about the increase in age !

 So if are bored with your hairtsyle too, why not have a change... after all our hairs grow back eventually!

Here is where I cut my hair! The boutique salon is very cosy and have interior that looked like 70s in Shanghai!

De Headline Salon
UG/FG 002-003,Upper Ground Floor,Off Jalan Bukit Bintang,55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-21420515 
Price : RM80 (haircut + hairwash) 
     Opening hour: Mon - Sat: 11am - 8pm and Sun: 11am -7pm
Look for Thomas and make appoinment in advance.
Check out their Facebook Page here

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. I cut my hair SHORT too!! But a bit longer than urs!! hahaha.. =)

    I also LOVE my Hairstylist - May Koon!!

  2. awwww love you new haircut :) look so young .

  3. You looked reallly nice in this hairstyle! Was wondering are the staffs in the salon friendly? :)

  4. hihi..happy new year..

    You look great in the new haircut. :)


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