Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Bangkok Mini Haul!

Yes I been to Bangkok 8 months ago and thanks to AirAsia promotion I flew in Bangkok last weekends for a 3 days 2 night holiday! Guess how much is my airfare and hotel.. It's only RM200 for 2 persons inclusive of round trip air fare and hotels for 2nights inclusive of breakfast!!! How can I say NO to promotion like this!! Anyway my boy and I love Bangkok so much that we would not mind to fly in anytime if there is such promotion again! Fingers crossed!

Since it's such a short trip , this would be more like a relaxing weekends getaway trip rather than a shopping trip!

However the shopping gen is still in my blood

So let me present me my mini Bangkok haul!

My first Naraya's handbag ! RM23

p/s: Naraya is Thailand famous local designed bag that are unique as it's only made from fabric. Not only they have a lot of outlet in Bangkok and other stores around the world ( Macau, Indonesia, Dubai, Japan.. etc)

A bag I picked up from Chatuchak's market for RM15!

Ahem...faux limited edition Longchamp - RM20

p/s: I asked my best friend to get me this back few months back from UK, but this design went out of stocks.. sad sad..

Small handbag - RM6 only!

My first Jim Thompson's haul !!! Got this lovely from their outlet mall.. for RM90!

Love this 100% Jim Thompson silk shawl!! RM75

Can anyone guess what is this! It's a pouch for something!


Another shawl I picked from Chatuchak - RM10

Got this from Chatuchak as well , Heating pad - RM2

Chatuchak- RM1.50 for each spagetti strap! This is from a reject shop!

Short pants from Platanium mall - RM20/each

Flowery dress from Platanium mall - RM35

Beach dress from platanium mall- RM14

Long pants - RM35 from Platanium mall

Blue/green skirt RM30 from Platanium mall

Some accesories ranging from RM1- RM5/each

Got this rings for RM6/each!

My last minutes haul from Boots!

Lip balm, hand cream and eyeshadow palette!

That's all.. I got it all !!

p/s: Now need to go back to saving mode.. need to save for Korea trip which is 6 months away from now!!!


  1. wah........good buy lor......damn cheap.......where can get here......


  2. Hahaha Naraya is so popular indeed! But nowadays it has rival brands that come up with the exact design yet cheaper price... go for the original ones anyway, they're authentic ;)

  3. your thompson butterfly bag is so cantik!

  4. nicole : come hire me as tour guide i bring you go shopping

  5. Alisa : totally agree with you, I rather get the original for the quality as well for not much price differences

  6. Anonymous: yes indeed its cantik! cannot buy also


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