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Monday, May 3, 2010

Hong Kong & Shenzhen Shopping Haul Part II

This post is dedicated to all my clothes which I bought from my trip !

1 big luggage to cater for this !

I go crazy over dresses. Well basically the price drives me crazy!

Nice or not !!!!

My favourite !!!!

Because I can't decide which colour I want, I end up buying both colours !

How can I miss this sweet pink dress from Esprit!

Shirt I bought from Giant Buddha at Lantau Island's souvenir shop.

Floral bag

Mini hats for hair accessories !!!!



I think I have bought all , others than bra & panties

If only I have more money, I would be more willing to contribute to HK & Shenzhen's economy.

I don't think anyone can guess how much my beautiful dress is !

Hong Kong Shopping Haul Part I

I know you girls have been waiting to see this !!!!

Well not that much actually !!!

Lush's Haul

Bought Helping Hands, Angels on Bare Skin and Mask of Magnanimity

Others are GWPs and sample given , officially HK Lush's member!

(2 years ago when I was in HK I bought Ocean Salt, unfortunately too harsh on my skin, going to use for body )

Laneige's Haul

(Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, Strawberry Yogurt Pack, Water Sleeping Mask EX)

Kose's Haul

Kose's Sekkisei , Sekkisei Toner and Sekkisei Peel Off Mask

Kose Softymo Cleansing Oil

Lancome Sensationnel Effects Eye Pallette

Beauty Diary Mask

Lip balms

Last but not least, SHOES!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am off to Hong Kong from 23-28 April 2010!

At 7am sharp on 23 April 2010, I am flying to Hong Kong with another 17 persons, thanks to AirAsia's zero fare I am going to Hong Kong again. How can I not love Air Asia when I only need to pay RM168 all inclusive insurance and baggage. So without any consideration I booked my air ticket (together with the rest of the group) a year ago !! And here I am today on the plane traveling there for my 2nd time after 2 years!

The Maps of Hong Kong, so many places to go !!!

There is no one single day in Hong Kong that you will feel boring or empty!

This time around maybe I will visit the Disneyland !

Mickey and Minnie is welcoming us !

I have been to Ocean Park on the first time of my visit.

And I will be going Shenzhen as well.

Of course going to the Spa again, the first time I was there, it was heavely !!!

The place is huge, the service was excellent and price is reasonable !

This time we are going to SLF International Spa Club (水立方国际水疗会 )!

Other than sight seeing, shopping is one of the main activities in Hong Kong !

Plenty to see, plenty to buy !

But I think I will be "controlling" this time around , compare to my crazy shopping experience in Bangkok, I HOPE!!!

Till then see you readers, hope you have a great weekends ahead, I be back on 28 April 2010!

Thank you for visiting here !

p/s: Do check out here once a while, there might be some posts in between to cure your hunger! Do pray I have a safe journey :) Love ya!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Snippets of Life

So many things have been happening for the past 1 year. The list of 10 events that had happened and what I feel about it ...

1)Started to work in an institution since late 2007 till present. And 1st time in history of myself for working at a place for such a long time. I always a nomad, get bored easily in a place.
ME : Feeling lost sometimes and yet thrilled with upcoming events that. I am always looking for a direction within myself. Is that what I want and what’s my inspiration?

2) Determine to take an unpaid leave of 3.5 months to study for my Certified Legal Practise to give it a try after being persuaded everyday by my mother.
ME : I failed the exams as I failed in 2 papers while I passed well in another 3 papers, and in fact score A for my General Paper (I still can’t able to believe it ) . After that I feel so tired and heartbroken and decided this year I’ll take a break from ANY EXAMS! I need a LIFE. And I have a year to decide if this is all I wanted? I have a little dream, I want to try out to be a volunteer in warzone or something.. ( doing something meaningful in life!) Too bad United Nation did not approved me...
3 Met my new (not so new anymore) colleague named ASA last year after I came back from my exams in August and within shortest time we became good buddy!
ME : She is such a fun loving person to hang out with, a open-minded and big gas persons(as opposed to small gas) and we have similar quite a number of hobbies (hunting for food and shopping and bitching) . If I am going to resign, she is the one person I will miss dearly! (P/s: ASA TOUCHING OR NOT WO , BETTER BELANJA ME LOR)

4) Went for a research project in Perak, Penang, Perlis, Penang and Johor and have a fabalous time in tasting local delicacy apart from doing the survey.
ME : I definitely miss the crab porridge in Juru, Penang!!

5) Went for a holiday in Hong Kong with Justin and another 2 friends early December last year, have lots of fun and heartache (cos spent too much on shopping) . And went for a Spa in Shenzhen, that’s was eye-opener and very luxurious!! (FYI : Man get naked and walks around in SPA’s Man section, justin had a culture shock!)
ME: I’m so excited to go Hong Kong again next year April with 10 more family/friends (RM168/round trip)! This time around, I want to relax relax go jalan! (Almost forgotten I have another trip to Bangkok end for this year for a week!)

6) At last been to Penang during CNY this year with my 2 best friend which is also my childhood friends!
ME : We have a good time of eating and eating and then taking picture of our model Ms Sookting . The pictures are hot and sexy! ( 18sx)

7) Have a memorable and CNY celebration with ex classmates, seems like some married and have several babies(out or on the way out) and some going to get married this year!
ME : Seems exciting everything meeting them , sure got some breaking news! Also I need clarify , I want to be playgirl lor , so won’t be getting married in the nearest time . Hahaha….. And I am looking forward to see them again!!

8) My closest cousin, Teck Seng passed away in a freak accident in 4 April this year, it was so sudden and I was lost, I don’t understand why such a good man like him was taken away by God. He is same age with me and we played together since young cos we are neighbour as well!
ME: Attended his funeral in Terengganu and saw his final look in the coffin, cant able to recognize my dear cousin and not able forget the look and sometimes suddenly I have a flash memories that what he is feeling when he is at end of his life!
Can’t accept initially that he is gone just like that and feeling our life is so fragile and precious, I determine to make a different in my life, and now I know he is an angel in the Heaven and Sorry for not able to contact you more often then I should. It’s too late now. May the peace be with him and his wife

9) I have always have the dream of backpacking to travel around the globe, or like in ancient time, as a nomad.
ME : Planning and calculating how to achieve this , money, time and determination is all I need! Sometimes I think we need to let go in order to achieve more, although I feel truly bad for leaving my family behind to achieve my dream but I hope what I gain I am able to share with them .

10) Have register a blog under blogspot with the address and abandoned for some times due to work, study and lifestyle
ME: Wanted to seriously start committing myself to maintain the blog at least a post per week!

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