Friday, May 21, 2010

HK and Shenzhen Part II

Start my 2nd day with HK famous milk tea ! Yummy!!!

The typical HK's style breakfast before we depart to Shenzhen by train.

On the way to the mtr station, saw there are vending machine that are selling printer's ink at the train station! So convenient!

Also got umbrella vending machine too!!! But damn expensive HKD68 each!

At Louhu immigration station, looks at the crowds behind!! Crazy a lot of people going in Shenzhen on weekends!

Checked in the hotel, hotel is spacious compare to the one in HK and its only less than RM100 per night!

Going out to have a walk, well to be exact shopping!

Look the cat is being tied on the tree, the owner must be worry people will steal and cook it.

The underground shopping area! The price here slightly expensive than those selling at the Dong Men Commercial Area.

We discovered this gem!!! Grilled dry squid! So yummyyyyyy....

Miss this max liao!!!

They grilled it on the spot

Cut cut cut, ready to be eaten!

I must remind myself how yummy is this!! How come we don't have this in KL!

There are many specialty shops, the artist will tailor draw whatever we asked for on the shoes

Here is one artist doing craving, look at his expression. He must be enjoying every moment.

Do you know him?

What about this ?

It's so expensive to ask him to do personalized carving, i remember is like Rm200-RM300.

This is ma la (numb & spicy) noodle, only RM2.50!

I miss this a lot too!!! This is like takoyaki! Inside is potato and on top of this is seaweed.

I miss this very very very very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fortune teller shop

The malls in Dong Men Commercial area!

See RMB15 for a pair of shoes !!!!! I can even negotiate for lower price because we bought like more than 20 pairs at one go!

See me so happy with my shopping bagssss!!!

See all the dresses are selling for RMB19!!!!

I end up buying an extra luggage because I think I am out of space in my own luggage and its too heavy to carry around while shopping. And this is big luggage bag only less than RM30!


  1. cool!! But I dun think I'll be going China, lazy to make visa.. but shen zhen need visa or not ah?

  2. Jean : Yes Shenzhen need visa but not Macau. Visa application is RM58 and can be made at Bank of China 2nd floor. If you want go shopping, Shenzhen will be the best place cos even those clothing they sell in HK all from China FOR SURE!!!! Next post I will put up the Spa I visited, its so huge!!! So go lah Shenzhen sure no regret!!!

  3. cheap! And i thought HK is very cheap ady... -_-|||

    Jess, u borong 20 shoes at one go??! Wow...u very keng! haha..
    And great buy on the luggage bag! :D

  4. joan yee : nolah 20 shoes is shared between me, sister and mother! Yes if go HK must go Shenzhen too , 45 mins trains to there!! HK not everywhere is cheap, only Mongkok Centre and Tsim Tsa Tsui i think is cheap & nice!

  5. thanks for sharing photos with us. the food looks delicious!

  6. I love Shenzhen! Are you still there? If so, you should go to Xin Mei Zi spa--everytime I'm in HK I always venture out to Shenzhen and spend a few days there, staying at the spa because if you spend over $200RMB in services, you can stay the night for free :) The place is like a giant pajama party hehehe Also, if you're a glasses-wearer, definitely check out the glasses places. You can bargain them down to 100-150RMB/pair with prescription included and they finish them in an hour too :)

  7. lavendar : My pleasure, i enjoy reading yours too!

  8. Hi! you said is only 45mins train from HK to Shen Zhen, but as what I survey, its take train to LuoHu then change bus again to Shen Zhen, approximately takes 2-3 hours. Could you guide me how to go? I will be there on Nov, thx ya =)

  9. Hi where is the shoes place :):)

  10. Anonymous : yes take train from HK to Shenzhen is 45 min only. I been there twice. u just take train (mrt) from HK to Louhu station. From there , its an interchange to take their railway train to Shenzhen ( total duration includes mrt & railway train is 45 mins).

    Annonymous :There are shoes shop everywhere in Dongmen, and plenty of discount. Not just specific one I go for. Can always bargain if you are buying in great quantities!


  12. Anonymou : In HK, maybe it is a bit difficult to get plus size clothes, try looking in Mongkok Centre Shopping Centre


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