Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway sponsored by Bloom, The Floral Shop

With Mother's Day around the corner, I bet a lot of us are thinking hard what to give our beloved mother to express our love and appreciation right ? Well I am thinking to suprise her with flowers...because my mother loves flower and she don't receive flowers that often.A. Before I talk about the giveaway, let me show you my visit to Bloom, The Floral Shop in Intermark Hotel to see what can I get for my mother!

Teddy bear is there welcoming me :D

I really like the Bloom's interior, it's simple & sweet. Also like how it is spacious it is which allow me to roam around to see stuffs.

If you have no time to visit their pretty store then visit Bloom website at as it is an online florist where you can also place your order online with a click away anytime & anywhere ! There are tons of pictures with prices, choice of time to do the delivery and conveniene online payment method available at the website.

Some really pretty roses I spotted. It's in light pink!

Floral arrangements with beautiful lilies :) One of my favourite flowers!

Fresh orchids !

Besides fresh flowers, Bloom carry artifical flowers for decoration purposes too.

Do you know what flower is this?

This lavendar flowers looked so real to me and it is so beautiful in purple!

These beautiful lavendar can be decorated in such a way that it looked so pretty to put it at our garden or entrance of our house! Definitely want to have this because not only it looked beautiful, it is almost maintenance free!

I think my mum definitely want this!

Artificial orchids

Besides fresh & articial flowers, Bloom also offers unique home decoration too!

These are some of the unique photo frames which I really like. And do you know all these are made from recycled items ?

Cute teddy bears shouting to me "Bring me home"!

I like this when I first saw this thinking it is a pot, it's simple & pretty. Later I found out it is a pen holder.

There are some intersting vase I found here, very oriental type which usually Chinese older people will really like it! I am not that old but I do think some of these vases are really beautiful.

This is my favourite vases of all, very unique in colour, design and shape! Would definitely stand out for sure!

*can't resist the pretty "lavendar" flowers, so must take pic with them!

And I think I would go again to buy the articifical lavendar flowers to decorate my living room!

Flower Cake arrangement in petite size - RM50

I love the pink lilies used here, so lovely!


Well good news to my readers especially if you have not think what to get for your mother because Online Florist - Bloom, The Floral Shop would be sponsoring a flower cake worth RM120 (pic as shown as below) to one lucky winner!

Flower cake arrangement 1

Flower cake arrangement 2

Also this flower cake can be delivered to your mother on Mother's Day itself, awesome right !

What a beautiful suprise for your mother right?

*note the flowers used in the flower cake may differ from the pic*

How to join this giveaway to win Flower Cake worth RM120, it's simple!

1.) Be my follower of this blog, click on the follow box at the right side of the blog
2) LiKE Bloom, The Floral Shop Facebook ( and click HERE to view my Mother's Day greeting picture shown above.

3) Please leave at the FB pic HERE with your most touching greetings to your mother (can be your mother in law, bf's mother grandmother, aunt, wife or nanny too!) or anyone who you think deserve to receive this beautiful Flower Cake on Mother's Day! Remember comment at the FB link there and not here for your entry to be valid!

Then the readers who leave the most touching greetings wins one Flower Cake worth RM120 to be delivered to your mother on Mother's Day!

Result of the Mother's Day giveaway would be annouced on 9 May 2012, 12pm and winner must replied me back by 10 May 2012,12pm. Failure to do so, another winner would be selected and decision is final.

Note : This giveaway is opened to Malaysian only and the flower delivery for the prize is only within Klang Valley!

Visit Bloom, The Floral Shops at
C13, The Intermark, +60321611616

LG17, Empire Shopping Gallery, +60356321228

LG25, IPC Shopping Centre, +60377224429

or visit

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!!


  1. Since my mom is not around at KL, I would like to get one for the bf's mom!

    Dear Aunt, Happy mother's day to you! Thanks for taking care of me at here especially when am sick. Appreciate it a lot. :)

  2. follower sherry
    fb sherrygo, have your both fb link.
    my mom deserves this flower cake because she has been living in nursing home for seven years and I miss her so much even though we do meet up from time to time but nothing mean more than she being happy and healthy. I wish to present her this beautiful flower cake to wish her Happy Mother's Day.

  3. My greetings:

    Dear mum,

    Thanks for your care and love for the family and me. You've raised me up to be the strongest girl ever and I will not fail you, mother. Though I'm far away and can't be by your side everyday, but I wish this flower together with my love, can make you happy. Happy Mother's Day mum. I love you.

    Love Anne.

  4. To my dearest mom,
    When I was young, I never understood the things you do and can never seem to see eye to eye with you on many things. But now as I grow older, looking back, I am enlightened by why you do the things you do. I know I don’t say it as often as I should, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unconditional love that you showered my brother & I throughout the years. I want to thank you for being tolerant & patience with us while we were mischievous little monkeys during our younger years. I want to further thank you for exercising even more tolerance & patience during our rebellious teenage years and still find a place in your heart to love us even though we are undeserving of that. I want to thank you for playing the role of a mom and a friend so seamlessly. For taking the time to listen to what we have to say when we need a listening ear, for praying for us and with us, for imparting your wisdom when we needed an advice. I thank you most of all for showing us what unconditional motherly love is. I love you so much Mom, you’re the BEST! :)

  5. Please leave the comment at the link provided on the post above and not here for a valid entry. Thanks.

  6. I already submitted my entry Jess, hopefully I can win my mum this beautiful flower cake =)


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