Monday, April 30, 2012

Special Laneige gift sets for this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day around the corner, have you plan to get for your mother ?

Why not pamper your mum with the special Laneige gift sets for this Mother’s Day if she is a big fan of Laneige ?

Laneige has created these special sets for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The three exclusive gift sets are created to meet your mum’s different needs and preferences. They are:

The Water Bank Essence/Mask Duo Set
This set is ideal for mothers who spend long-hours outdoors or in an air-conditioned environment. The Water Bank Range is formulated using the Water Pump System that is able to deliver ample moisture to every layer of the skin and maintain moisture for up to 12 hours. This set, sold at RM189, comes with a bottle of Water Bank Essence (60ml), Water Bank Double Moisture Mask Sheet (4 sheets), Water Bank Moisture Cream (10ml) and a Water Bank Eye Gel (5ml). Nourished by this Water Bank Set, the skin stays hydrated, plump and youthful.

The White Plus Renew Essence Set
This will make the perfect gift selection for those who wish to have radiant glowing complexion. This set, which comes with a White Plus Renew Essence (40ml + 10ml), White Plus Renew Eye Serum (3g) and the White Plus Renew Night Cream (10g) is specially developed for women who desire for fairer and more luminous looking skin. The White Plus Renew is formulated using the three-step melanin blocking system that controls melanin creation resulting in a luminously and ultra-clear skin. This special set retails only at RM175.

Perfect Renew Night Treatment Value Set
If you would like to help your mum stay youthful, the Perfect Renew Night Treatment is just the perfect set for her. It’s an early anti-aging skincare range improves and prevents premature aging targeting problems such as dryness, dullness, roughness and wrinkles. It promotes cell energy metabolism for a firmer and revitalized skin, while providing moisture balance for a more supple and soft skin. This set, available at only RM230, includes the Perfect Renew Night Treatment (40ml), Perfect Renew Skin Refiner (10ml), Perfect Renew Emulsion (10ml) and Perfect Renew Essence (5ml).

These special Mother’s Day gift sets are available while stock lasts. So head over to any Laneige beauty counter nationwide now to get your mother that perfect gift.

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