Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Bangkok Clothing Haul

Most of my money has been spent on clothing in Bangkok because it is very cheap compared to what they are selling in Malaysia and the quality quite good.. You are spoilt with choices in terms of price, design, colour , patterns but not sizes!!! And normally I only buy from shop/stall that allows me to try which is quite a common practice in Bangkok. However there are usually no fitting room available especially in Chaktucha market, therefore you just got to try it on the spot...And as long I feel good, I just buy it because it is so cheap affordable after all !

And most of my haul are done during the last 4 days in Bangkok because the first few days we were busy doing sightseeing and more serious stuffs. And I was keep complaining to my boyfriend that I need more shopping and when I went to Chaktucha on the weekends, I just BUY!!!

And I was not satisfied !!! So the morning before I fly back, I went for a crazy shopping alone in Pratunam Wholesale market, where I basically pointed there , there and grabbed...

And when my boyfriend saw me back in hotel with my shopping bagssss after 2 hours of shopping war, he said "You are addicted to shopping already " ! I said " Now only you know "? .............

And of course this is a must have shirt !!!
Because the shirt says it all...

Guess how much is the cheapest clothing that I have bought !!!!

Just RM4 okay !!

And my clothing price range from RM4 to RM29 (40 bath - 290bath)

Guides to ask for better deal in Bangkok

If you are in Chaktucha market - You can make the best deal from 5pm to 8pm although officially Chaktucha market close at 6pm but there are many stalls who came out and put their stuffs for sale at the roadside to clear off and the price displayed already dropped by 20-50%, by then and you can bargain further. Unlike in Shenzhen, Bangkok pricing are more reasonable and it often it is so cheap that even you do not ask for discount.. it still worth it! Fyi, ALL stalls in Chaktucha market is only opened on weekends (although some of them do open on weekends) because there is where the crowd will be... and usually they want to sell off their item rather than keeping them.

If you are in Pratunum Wholesale market - Normally the wholesale price will be given to you if you purchase more than3 items from the shop, and you MUST asked how much is the whole price before you step in the store to choose.

In a shopping mall like Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, they offer tourist a 5% rebate card for all items in the store, and I was lucky to enjoy their 10% discount storewide during their festive seasons promotion instead. And the best thing that you can ever expected is that they even give you 10% discount on top of best buy items !!

Last but not least, there is a cheat way (my way lah) to ask for discount, when you went into the store/stall always start by greeting sawadeka... and hold your hands together and bow slightly ( it's a thai way of greeting) ... and then when you spot the items you want, you just point at the item and said "tow rai"? (which means how much in Thai)

Often than not , they answered me back in Thai as they thought I'm Chinese Thai (it may only work for Asian as we looks more like each other, sorry if you are European/American your look cant cheat them) and I smile back and said how much... and they know they being tricked and strike small conversation from there and later ask for discount . Well this works pretty well for me... because its easier to ask for discount once the sales assistant is comfortable chatting with you. If the deal is yours , always say Kap Koon Kah... (which means Thank you)

And remember ALWAYS ask for discount, because if you never ask, it would never be given to you.
Above are my own experience and opinion, and if you fail to asked for more discount after following the guides, then it must be your SMILE which is not sincere enough okay!! I exclude myself from all liability if you not able to get a better bargain. Xoxo...

p/s: Guess what, my boyfriend got even a better bargain, RM3.90 for a shirt !!!! Ops, I just realised some of my shirts is not in the pictures above, because no time to take pic! Never in my life I have bought so many clothes within few days , this is record breaking!


  1. Wow! so many clothes! enough for 1 year supply!

  2. Nice clothes ... by the way, where do you get the bigger size clothes. I always have trouble getting bigger size clothes in BKK.

  3. OMG Jess, you bought so many clothes. Is that that cheap?? I'm going to Bangkok next year..(still have to wait for almost 9months :'( )
    But we can't try on the shirts right?
    How could we know if it fits our size?

  4. lavender : Haha ,but I think I will still for cloth hunting in HK and Guangzhou next year ~ And if AirAsia got promotion for BKK, I will book again lol!!!! Cant get enough of it...

  5. Anonymous : Yes, at 1st I'm worried cant buy anything home, but surprisingly most of my clothes I buy is free sizes (if you buy from Chaktucha market & Pratunam Market) which allows me to try on the spot. Also must thanks to now their trend which go for like loose & long blouse which definitely can fit big sizes well! And if you are in the malls, probably is easier to find our sizes. I think Pratunam market clothing has a lot of varieties, although it is free sizes but the material are very stretchable. I feel so sad because no time to go to Platinum Fashion Mall which is nearby Pratunum market!

  6. Slowbrogal: Is really cheap !!! Yes well basically if you are slim2x type, I think you will buy another luggage and bring back all the clothes... hahaha!!! Definitely you will love Bangkok ! Food, shopping and massage , and you in heaven already !! Normally t-shirt , some allow you to try, always asked.. or else just asked the sales assistant if the shirt fits you, which normally they honestly will tell you so.

  7. on March i goto there... i cant get any baju... so sad... no big size baju for me!!!!!
    can let me know where you got the baju nun 11,17,19 ya! so nice! How much ya?

  8. No 11 : Bought in Pratunam wholesale market for Rm25 i think

    17 :Bought in Chaktucha market also like RM25

    No 19 : Inside Siam Square which situated opposite Siam Paragon which is also around RM20 -25 ,

    Hehe , actually cant remember how much I bought, most clothes around RM20-RM25, except 2 pcs which I bought in Siam Paragon itself under Thai branding

  9. cheap ya............................
    Chaktucha market -- i didnt goto shop in baju cos... i almost pengsan over there... too hot ya....
    chaktucha mana? cos next time i go, i just direct go that place! Here is the chactucha map :
    hehe... pls help thank you ya thank you ya

    last time i goto bangkok, i really wanna goto Pratunam wholesale market but ya... dont know ... i only dapat see the pratunam shopping and that time is too late liao... no dare to go in... so dark... May i know where is Pratunam wholesale market ya?
    Thank ya!
    You make me wanna fly to bangkok!!!

  10. wowo..miss the market..but very hot..last time i went there,the chepest is 10baht, no need to bargain, the quality is very nice!

  11. E.vogue : Wah you break my record!!!!

    BT : In Chaktucha got 8,000 stalls and I rougly know the shop if I go back there, but also will sesat... Actually there is no one shop that sell clothes that suit us, really need to WALK AND HUNT for it. If u scare hot, i advise u go late afternoon and spent your time till 8pm, where not so hot liao.. or else go early morning to beat the heat. Or else go to Pratunam market,which the nearest to Ratchathewi BTS which u need to take a cab to Pratunum market which open from 9am-9pm (inside got aircon)

  12. last time i goto chaktucak on 8.30am cos takut kalah.... at there.. already hot hot time will go on 5pm!!! hehehe
    Thanks for the advise!!!!!!!
    I am planning now....

  13. BT : 5pm too late,go like 11am or 3pm (depends how much time u want to spend there) ..then have a relax2x walk2x and hunt, if tired sit and then drink & eat ice cream cos some stalls inside the market don't open till so late around 6 something they closed and basically only some stalls inside come come out and put their things on the main street for sale around 6pm like this & lower their price to clear off and then there is no streetlight, so a bit dark (but got those battery operated light) but the weather is cooling by that time, so give and take a bit :D

    Go shopping must relax, u should plan to go to Chaktucha for 2 days and rest of the day, go to Pratunam market, Platinum Fashion mall and got more time to Siam Square which has varieties local designer clothing ( which is like our Bangsar) and then can visit high end mall like Siam Paragon, Siam Centre and Amarin.

    p/s: I am also keeping my eye on the airticket price, once got promo , will book as well ! When you planning to go

  14. also waiting for AA!
    Last time i go is zero fees de. But very hard to get the zero fees flight to bangkok.
    mana you stay ya? Last time i stay at Grand Tower Inn( Time Share de) in out pun need taxi. This time need to stay near lrt de... shop until half life liao still can go back to hotel. But Grand Tower Inn pun near by Chactucak la. Taxi fees is abt 50bath for one way. Taxi fees there is cheap pun. But u better pretend u look at the map to show u know where u wanna go. But since we r from malaysia. They seldom tipu us pun. One of the china gal i know from the day trip tour. She told me the tut tut driver bring them jalan bulatan!!!

  15. I stay in 2 different hotel, although claimed to be near bts(train station) but its like 30mins -40 minswalk for us malaysian with luggages.The 2nd hotel I stayed is White Place hotel (RM83 with breakfast, recommended bcos very clean and near to 7-11) which is 2 mins walk to Pratunam Wholesale market and I took taxi to the BTS which also around 50bath max. Not easy to find hotel below BTS that are afforable/cheap.

    Most important when u take taxi must asked and insist meter before taking it, so I have all my pleaseat ride and their taxi also very clean and FAST! Dont ever take tuk tuk because it usually more expensive and bring you to gem/souvenirs shop where they can get petrol voucher (There is one time tuk tuk offered me 10bath go anyway, I asked few times only he confessed. Unlike taxi they operating on gas.

    Try booking your room from or www.latestay., they have the best rate in town

  16. Thank! White Place hotel! i mark down zo... hehehe

  17. next time you buy more la.. XL punya come back sell online :)

  18. Wow, those stuffs are from Bangkok? Good taste honey. I'm impressed. I think chaktuchak is a heaven for gals, not so much for the guys. Still, I love the food and massage in thailand :)


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