Saturday, June 14, 2008

Self satisfaction

Is it so difficult to satisfy oneself, let alone satisfying others. Often in life, we are face with the situation knowing that we cant able to do it yet, we make ourself believe that it's possible , and thats is what called possitive thinking. Is it good or bad ? There is no
adequte security and comfort provided to the people, often than not they keep telling the people everything is okay. In fact everything is not okay, take the example of :

What has been done after the investigation into the Lingam tape, is there any concrete actions taken? What about High Court Judge Ian Chin's allegations? Are the government once again, going to be quiet and let it expose slowly by the " Government in Waiting aka Opposition party". So how can I believe that court will the place that make just and justice rulling when the judges are non-partisan?

Since Pak Lah take over as Prime Minister, our petrol has increased by 78% ! And my salary dont even increase up to 10% , so please tell me how can i change my lifestyle when I dont even have enough cash to spend. How much does a fresh graduate earn per month? Deduct room rental, food, basic necessity expenses and my PTPTN loans, I am still in NEGATIVE.

Pls Mr. President tell me how can I UBAH MY GAYA HIDUP in order to live comfortably?
Bear in mind, I do not own any property or car. The effect that once the price of petrol increase, price of other neccessity will definately increase. So I am directly affected even though I dont drive.

Few weeks back, my handphone was snatched by 3 malay boys, one around 20 yrs old and another 2 perhaps just 12 years old! A big brother teaching the younger brothers how to steal. In fact they are snatching my phone from a public places by foot. And even after I reported police, there is no new on it YET. And I come to discover that om 6 March 2008, government has introduced Handphone Blocking System and it suppose to be launched this month. But till now there is no news about it, so is it just a pre-election's drama ? I will wait till end of the month and see whether is it NATO ( No action, Talk only)

And since government cant able to satisfy our own people and always in the possitive mind, what should we as citizen of Malaysia do ?

Actions can be taken :

1) Complain and bitch about it to your family and friends, during tea sessions and MSN-ing.
2) Join demostration , to show protest .
3) Keep quiet and accept what has happened, and try hard to make a living and hope for miracle.
4) Migrate to other country or go to neighbouring country like Singapore to work.

So which will you choose ?


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  1. ah great. you started writing again :P this time fully politicised eh


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