Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last man standing

Been discussing with my fellow colleagues if the Sept 16 takeover plan claimed by former DPM DS Anwar Ibrahim for more than 30 MPs crossover to Pakatan Rakyat which would cause BN to be in opposition and Pakatan Rakyat to be the government happened much more earlier or perhaps tommorow, how would the leader reacts especially when their party election is just around the corner. And cleary during their campaigning period they need to stand their stands and views on current issues. And now we are in high time where there is too much politising by everyone and clearly BN's credibility has gone down the drain looking after the histortial day of 308. People has spoke out through their votes and the current Opposition party said its tsunami. No one expected that.

In Permatang Pauh P144, 2nd round of tsunami has happened. People expected it.


Q: People asked where is the BN legendary election machinery?

Ans:It remains as a legend!!!

So has March 8, has change Malaysian political party, the people mind and the economy.

More accurately I'm referring to BN.. or specifically UMNO ... Has they awake ? Or perhaps has they RECOVER from their lost ? Are they still lying to themselves and still holding to "Ketuanan Melayu" principle. And after the announcement by PM that he will step down after 2 years for DPM to take over has clearly there is leadership crisis in UMNO . Subquently DPM has seems to be making a lot of appearance and press statement on behalf of PM in various functions and matters. Is the transit period has been shorten? and PM is making way out?

Lucky enough or unlucky enough the other component parties of BN has seems to realise that many people wanted different things and look at things at a diffferent ways compare to ten (10) years ago.

MIC has spoken up, perhaps too little to make an impact especially on national issues and human right issues and seems like they are bit quiet now...I wonder why.

While MCA after 12th GE, has at least tried to spoke out and stated their party stands and one often wonder would all these change the public perceptive on them. And with MCA top party election just around the corner, a month away. Seems like many of them has been voicing up their stands on certain issues. Is it sufficient ?


I wonder would the new leaders still sing the same tune and walk the talk they have been preaching all these while if they are in Opposition side.


to the so called BN Spirit?





Who will the last man standing remains as a mystery...


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