Friday, May 15, 2009

1st day of 365 project

I last blogged in September 2008 and stopped short after that. And have been reading hundred of blogs for the past 1 years and often people asked me do you have a blog. My answer is that I just enjoy reading blogs for the simple reason because I' m lazy to think what to write on my blog and reading other's blog does open up my mind A LOT. So why do i start writing again after I stopped writing last year?

I guess my initial intention was to serious blog hopping to have intellectual discussion or exchange of ideas with people. However I realise posting in facebook is faster and simpler, respond is fast! And politics situation in Malaysia changing every day or so.

And now I feel like writing up again to share my happy moments... that is ...

( To be continued.. Will be revealed in next post , aiya or else I got nothing to write liao okay)


  1. wei.. sensitive woah this kinda topics? later i hear sirens outside my house how..

    i'm not into politics.. but my boss is crazy about pkr n dap. she actually helps them out and goes all the way to the voting areas to volunteer.

    She was formerly in politics herself too. I myself have design a manifesto and poster for DAP Segambut. cool eh? volunteer job nia...

  2. Well sometimes i feel like writing something but then afraid of being controversial and you dont know who is reading ur blog . And end up I do not write anymore bcoc is easy to write whats on yr mind but its difficult to know if there is any implication.So if u see me being arrested under ISA, then u know la..

    Wow, really unexpected ah, anyway you and yr boss kam cheng so good one ah.. hahaha bring u go campaigning somemore :)

    I trully admire ppl who volunteer to go all the way for the principle they believe in :)

    p/s: when wan go shopping again


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