Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Restaurant review : Daidomon Japanese BBQ Buffet!

There is a number of Japanese buffet restaurant such as Jogoya and Xenri out there however there is none of them offering BBQ Buffet..And recently was introduced by J's colleague who is a food hunter to this place name Daidomon ( which sounds like Doramon) and after we discover from their website that they are having promotion for RM49.90/person for weekend dinner. We immediately called them but was told its fully booked ! However we cant wait to have it, therefore decided to walk in and try our luck...

The place is in Great Eastern Mall. Its' place is packed when we reached there and was told to wait for a while ! Although its a buffet style but we can order from the menu instead of walking and squeezing to grab the food! Good service ! *plus point*

The menu offers unlimited fresh food such as seafood, poultry, vegetable, sushi and other stuffs for you to order ( except for scallop&oyster) and there are a sushi bar, and2 buffet line offering fried rice with some dishes which you need to get it yourself. And there are 3 types of soups, Miso, Vege and Tail Ox availabe. 5 types of juices available at the drinking station (orange,mango, sourpalm and the best of all is blackcurrant!!) Also we can order a pot of green tea without any charges!!!

Price :

Dinner Buffet for Friday/Weekend and Public Holiday : RM49.90++/person

Dinner Buffet Mon-Thurs and Lunch Weekend and Public Holiday : RM39.90++/person

Lunch Buffet Mon-Fri : RM36.90++/person and RM19.90++/person(without sashimi & BBQ)

Additional RM1/person for misc items such as chopsticks.


Price - 10/10 stars for giving fresh unlimited seafood and meat

Taste - 8/10 stars ( The sauce was good! )

Design - 6/10 stars (quite standard design of a restaurant, well-arranged)

Ambience - 6/10 stars (played Japanese songs sang in chinese version ???)

Overall -8/10 stars ( Must try!!!! I will definately go back!) - How I wish its not a halal restaurant!!!!!!!!!!

Note : Pls made your reservation before going there!

DAIDOMON (Halal Restaurant)
Charcoal Barbeque Japanese Restaurant
Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
No. 303, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-42528155
Fax: 03-42528166

Sushi Bar

Drink Station (must try the blackcurrant drink!)

Some fried rice and dishes (which I am not interested to try except for the sausages!)

Say Cheese ~!!

Apparently a lot of vegetables to order from the menu to
BBQ... the marinated ladyfingers taste super yummy!!!!

Blue Fin Tuna Fish!! Super fresh and taste sweet

Beef, this is heavenly good... meat very tender

I like the chicken meat the because the marinating sauce and the chicken complement very well!

Super duper delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

I like to play masak-masak!

The fresh seafood, Butter fish, Salmon, Prawn and Cuttlefish!

Octopus!!! I have taken like for 5 plates of this.

The purple light in this picture, is the electronic charcoal stove! Very clean and healthy!

Cod Fish ( Not as nice as Butter Fish and Blue Fin Tuna )

Scallop!!!!!!! ( Only limited to a plate for per couple )

The Oyster, (limited to 1 plate/couple)

Need to cook with butter in a aluminium cup~


  1. eik! i like d blackcurrant drink oso, but i cod fish taste like rubber !!grrr......for original korean food, i will try out 'dai cheong kam' nearby digital mall nx time!hehe~
    *p/s:definitely it is a Japanese restaurant, the shop sign and the lanterns inside d rest were written in japan word la.

  2. I will try the restaurant in korean village soon... heheh wait for my review ba.. u give me money to try then i help u to see if its worth to go..


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