Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Estee Lauder war zone report !

First warehouse battle together with a group of shopaholic. Woke up 3am (poor my bf) and reach Renaissance Hotel around 4.30pm after getting breakfast for some of the girls. When I think back, I feel that I'm really crazy ... except for exams & travel I wont wake up so early. Anyway some of the pictures below shown how crazy is the queue.

Oh we are the 2nd group to reach there at 4.30am

By 6am, looks the queue has grown, its crazy !!! I mean everyone is crazy

My Haul! I dont have how I did this, I never imagine my shopaholic cell has suddenly active!

I am addicted to MAC pigmentssssss
Clinique eyeshadow !
Oh nail polish, how can I resist MAC nailpolish...

OMG I realised I bought too much and bought same colours/item and need to let go some of them .

Take a look here or my new sale blog !
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