Monday, July 27, 2009

Freebies of the day : Sk-II freebies

Simple step to get SK-II freebies .

Just need to login to here

Step 1 : Answer 4 questions on Skin Check and click Next

Step 2 : Scroll down on the Result page and click Sign Up Now

I've heard so many wonders that this Miracle water can do , even my boy friend (not boyfriend) Weilih is using this and I have the great honour to touch his face and its really smooth like baby's buttock and all his pores are gone!!!
And I haven't even tried it, how can right ?

So this will be a good opportunity for me to try it before getting the original size :D

Faster go sign up now people...

Lih Lih (with his Sk-II) and me

P/s: I hope he dont kiss kill me for putting his pictures up here... however he is so cute how to resist leh.. hahaha the good news is .. he is still single .. (and he is mine!) Pls contact me for his contact num (*Terms and conditions apply*)


  1. I got the free sample 2 weeks ago! Significant changes. But too pricey for daily use!!!! Smallest size selling at RM187!

  2. then buy it and use it once a week.. hehehe...

  3. LOL, how many boyfriend do u want la??? hehhehe =P

  4. Haha what a free advertising for the hottie there! Owh SK-II, so good yet so expensive. It's too pricey the freebeholic me dont dare to go near the counter and ask for the samples, =P

    BTW Jess, it was nice meeting you last night. Though I wished I got the chance too see your EL makeover.

  5. hehe.. I check it its Sg :( I mean the website


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