Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out from the Estee Lauder warehouse sale in 2009 war zone!!!

This is my 1st time to Estee Lauder warehouse sale! It's in Renaissance Hotel KL and this is actually an Estee Lauder Staff Sales however public are allow to go in with invitation card ! Thanks Miu for the invitation card !! Met with the shopaholic team Miu, VonVon, Wingz, Hanna, Anya, shopholic, Fatin, tutu JV and others!!

Some brands available in this sale are : Estee Lauder, Clinique, DKNY, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Origins amongst others !!

P/S: I am still alive despite going into the Estee Lauder's war zone for hours with people grabbing, pushing, snatching and screaming !

The Magic Card!

Behind the line since 4am ! Enjoying MCD Breakfast set and gossiping !

By 6am, look at the sea of people ~ Early bird always get the worm ! In this case, best seller products! By 6.45am, we are allowed to go in as the 1st batch !

Look what I got after 2 hours...

I know I am mad, probably after having the joy of having them for weeks and I might sell off !! So if you have anything you want from here offer me your best price and email to !!!

Also readers, click the pictures to enlarge!

Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes in duo colour (Limited edition)

Top 3 is 16 Mink &17 Sable (Dark brown,lighter brown shade)

Below 03 Egyptian &08 Brightening Gold (Olive shade, shimmer)

My rainbow collection of M.A.C Nail Polish!!!

From Left to right: Cream Love Friendship, Cream Peppermint Pati, Cream Illegal Purple, Frost Silverstruck, Frost Neon 8, Cream Rougemarie, Cream Seasonal Peach, Frost Beiged Bliss, Frost Varicose Violet

From top left to right , 618 Buttermilk , 213 Aquamarine, 207 Apricot Spice

From second row left to right : 219 Rose Chocolate, 256 Champagne, 219 Rose Chocolate

Last row left to right : 215 Terracotta, 205 Turquoise Teal, 216, Snow Pea

Clinique Minigloss set ( Color : Currant , Ginger, Raspberry and Apricot)

Estee Lauder Nail Polish (Fuchsia )

Origins On the Spot Gel *Sleep Time*

Origins Spice Odyssey (Body Scrub)

Estee Lauder Limited Edition set

(mascara, eyeshadow palletee, cleaning oil with with sexy pink pouch!)

Note : Estee Lauder Sexy Pouch are not available anymore , others items such as Estee Lauder High Definition Volume Mascara, Eyelash curler , Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Palette and Cleansing Oil are still available currently!

Left : Clinique Buttershine Apri-Cutie, Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPH 15 and Clinique Almost Lipstick Black Raspberry

Pyramid of Colours!!!

Below are the swatch, picture taken without flash(pls ignore my bulu bulu!)

Left to right : Milk (Hot Item : Bidding will starts!), Deep Blue Green, Circa Plum and Royal Flush


Left to right : Reflects very Pink, Reflects Reflects duo purple, Reflects Blackened Red

Clinique Buttershine !!!

Clinique Skin care! (Letting go Facial Wash for oily skin!)

M.A.C Limited Edition Eyeliner! - Not available anymore!

M.A.C Fluidline for eyeliner , Silverstroke and Macroviolet

M.A.C Beauty Powder, Blush of Youth, Summer Rose - Soft violet pink with pearl

Limited Edition (Hot Item : Bidding will starts!)

Origins Ginger Burst Bodywash

Note : Below are freebies of the week (FOTW) from various magazines! Also I went for a free nail painting OPI today!


(to AVOID misunderstanding,mis-interpretation,misconception, confussion and etc)

"I am being transparent and accountable here"

1) Only serious buyer will be considered for any transaction.

2) NO TRANSACTION shall be considered completed unless payment is made to my account. Account number will be given upon request and please email to notify me once payment is made.

3)Seller reserve the final say on who to sell the products, and it shall be the discretion of the buyer to decide.

4)If there is more than one buyer interested offer on the same products, I will be selling it to the person making the best offer. (So start bidding for it !)

5) Products displayed in this website is original / authentic and therefore it will sell as per what its show in the picture.

6)Goods sold here are not exchangeable or refundable. Seller is not responsible for any loss or damage cause during the delivery.

7)Items sell here are Original, New, and mostly from warehouse (unless stated otherwise). The price here will definately be cheaper than price over the counter and pls do not expect warehouse price because you are paying for my SERVICE (If you want convenience, Pay for it !)

8)Seller reserve the right to amend rules and regulation at any point of time. Further information pls email me at


  1. wow girl. I loike your haul. Btw, what's the colorful thingy in the Mac bottles?? ehehe. I didn't see any coz i was busy choosing the MAC lippies shades.

    Jessy, let's linkie-linkie...

  2. One is the nail polish , another 1 is the pigment (eyeshadow) ...

    so colourful right, i'm loving my collection!

  3. i just love your haul...mine is just a small haul that cost me rm400++... but it worth it...but regretted to minus the mac paint pot rather than the BB lipglosses...
    I was wondering whether do you want to swap or sell me the paint pot to me? and i love your light pink pigment....i didn't see that color on that you want to sell?

  4. Pink Princess : The paint u meant is it the pigment ?? I am intending to let go some cos too many same colours! Email me at . Thanks

  5. wow the nail polishes? so many of them!!! thank goodness i didnt go :p otherwise, i think i will really be poor for the rest of my life. haha

  6. Prettybeautiful : Haha u are consoling yourself pulak now... u really should go !

  7. OMG so this is ur haul? I couldnt see it properly the other day when they're still in ur plastic bag. Wakakaa crazy lar u.

    What are those MAC small jars? Pigments or nail colours?

  8. Hanna,

    I bought lots of colourful pigments and nail colours as well! Hard to resist!

  9. i agree with jessy .. pigments are so IRRESISTABLE LOL

  10. Hey,
    How much will u sell of the clinique gloss/lipstick?

  11. jess, put la ur pic using all pigments stuff u bought!!! i'm so wanna see ur glamorous look, hehhehe =P

  12. sania: check ur email!

    anya : maybe i do a swatch, easier to let u girls see (incl boy okay, bryan ma)

  13. I didn't get anything from u yet Jessy...

  14. Jess,
    please quote the
    Clinique facial wash
    Many thanks!

  15. Hi's not the pigment the only like gel eyeliner...
    the pigment i'm interested too...the light pink...
    sorry for the confusion...

  16. Seems like u got a lot of interested buyers here, Jess. Hehe good2. Still I didnt dare enuff to overspend during the sale last Sat. Takut nt got no buyers, haha!

  17. Hanna : Cos I have too many duplicate colours especially pigments and nail colouurs!

  18. hye darling~!!
    just drop by to check ur shopping haul. Haha..u make me jealous liow
    (huhu...take the estee lauder pink pouch as advised by Wing...but then take it out when pay at the counter huhuhu now menyesal already)

  19. aesha: that pink pouch is super nice, sexy gila.. ish.. now u are at the term of bersenang-senang dahulu, menyesal kemudian kerana tak beli ? or the other way round.. hahahaha.. my malay proverb rusty alrdy 1


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