Monday, July 6, 2009

Pet World Malaysia 2009

Went to Pet World Malaysia 2009 in Midvalley yesterday and look what we got from there....

All for Freeeeeeee............ RM5/person ( x 2 persons ) as entrance fee is definately worth it!

See how happy my Bebe is ....

He cant wait to eat them...... gave him 2 small packets, he finished within minutes and keep looking at me somemore ....must be yummylicious lol~~


  1. Jessy!

    LOL so it was you. Did u go to the recent Parkson Shopping Spree? Yeah so what if I didn't do shpping? i was there for the freebies~

    Whoa btw, nice pet goodies you got there. Too bad I knew nothing bout this event. Any goodies/freebies for cats?

  2. I didnt go for any shopping , went back hometown to become kuli to move house.. haha..

    Yeh the Pet Exhibition also got goodies for cats as well.. so u do have a cat la!! meowwww~~~

  3. LOL I have been a kuli for three months now since my final exam. Yup I have three cats, Fifi, Moomoo & Anjeli.

    And ur Bebe is so adorable!


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