Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shishedo Skin test and Estee Lauder free makeover with samples !

Last Monday I went to KLCC's Isetan to get the SK-II miracle water sample but was disappointed when was told in an unfriendly manner by the SA that it is not available anymore, when I proceeded to ask her question she got irritated..She must be thinking I cant afford to buy is it ? Problem is haven't even try how to buy ?

Anyway with my bad mood I went to Shishedo to get my skin test. Fortunately the SA here is friendly.. make my feeling better! But minutes later when the skin test result is out,
I feel UPSET!!!! U see why... in the pictures below.

Cleaning my face with cleansing lotion to remove the make-up and the dirt and then wait for 10 mins for it to be ready to scan. While waiting SA asked me several questions pertaining to my skin.

The screen which will show the truth !

The magic scanner !

My skin's cells ... apparently the more triangle2x u have the healthier skin u have ! As you can see, mine not so healthy ...

Then test the T-zone area....

Instead of the magic scanner she needs to use it to absorb the OIL first before scanning it...

See : My nose area... I think all meletup when see the pretty SA

Some of the result : I am so upset that my turnover is at critical area, I MUST DO MORE MASK AND DO MORE MASSAGING !! Then lead to the question , Should i go for salon for facial treatment ? Shishedo SA told me for 1st timer, they doing 50% promotion for facial wash , after discount RM70 for 1.5hour if not mistaken.

Few months back when I checked from here, I have ideal hydration level, but since I stop using Clinique mosturizer ... this is the result of it... Lucky I bought 2 bottles of the Clinique Dramatically Different Mosturizing Lotion, hope it will improve within time !

Overall result : Very ideal resillent (was told as a result of daily sun protection cream!), but my turnover level,hydration level are in critical stage... sob sob, I need more mask, massage and sleep !

She said this is a must to maintain my resillent , currently I am using Clinique 1 , according to the result, its working ! I am going to try this and see how...

The SA let me try their mosturising range.. , very nice smell and not sticky at all and feel very smooth...

This range is brightening range, and can help my clarity level too, moisturizer which comes together with SPH and whitening effect !

The samples includes cleansing foam, 2 bottles of lotion(toner), Day cream with SPF and night cream!! And Estee Lauder's newly launch perfume-Sensous... very nice!!!

The SA very generous and her service really good .. very patience in explaining unlike the one in Mid Valley's Metrojaya. Actually I been there wanted to do skintest and get the samples but the SA just lazily sit around and then when I asked her for sample she just give sachets without explaining and doing skin test on me !!! How she knows what skin condition I have ! So I refuse to take when to KLCC Isetan branch which give me better service .
Those still has the voucher are recommended to visit this branch!

SA in KLCC Isetan shows me the how much of lotion, cream and etc we need to use... which usually i simply estimate.. haha

Then happy me with lots of samples went to Estee Lauder's makeover for the 1st 50 Isetan member who called KLCC branch and oh yes, they also give me the new perfume Sensous miniature as shown above!

Their new range of makeup colours !

Since I am wearing green, then I asked for Romantic and Sensuous style since I am going for a movie with my boy!

Only managed to take picture after watching the silly movie Land of Lost * Lucky its free lol*

The makeover dont seems obivious here..but I really feel pretty after makeover.. So I think you girls can try to call Estee Lauder's KLCC branch at 03-2382 0600 to see if the promo still available. Promotion till 6 August 2009.


  1. SKII SA at isetan@thegarden are much better :)

    hehe i tried the machine b4 more triangles the better indeed..
    i was also critical at hydration =.=

    nice blog very informative ~
    i'm gonna collect my bobbiBrown cleansing oil & makeover thanks to your blog~~ keep it up

    you look uber cute with EL makeup!

  2. Stellavixen : Thanks for visiting my blog, you have very nice blog and u look so pretty !

  3. wahh so nice got so many freebies..especially sensuous parfume..i jelous hehehe

  4. was that angie who did the make up on u? hehehe

  5. Bryan: No, she is Peggie very pretty makeup artist from Johor. I keep observing and examining her skin, so so smooth!!!!!


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