Friday, August 7, 2009

Freebies of the Week: Kiehl's, Dior, Origins & Shu Uemura!!

Whether it's comestic or skincare, samples are always great simply because twe get to try first before buying it . Those samples will show you whether the product is suitable for your skin ! And this is what a prudent and smart consumer will do, because we do not waste to waste unnecessary money to buy things which is not suitable!

And don't worry girls, plenty of coupons available in magazines such as Malaysian's Women Weekly, CLEO, Female and others every single month! So the next time when you buy ANY magazines, cut out the coupons and keep in your purse. And when you go shopping don't forget to redeem it ya!

p/s: Oh ya, some counters dont even need the coupons in order to get samples, just walk in and asked politely ! If they are smart enough, they will give it to you because you might be their potential customers especially if their customer service is excellent!

Some coupuns to exchange for Origins Make a Difference skincare range and Dior new product Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup . And others samples are from Shu Uemura and Kiehl's.

p/s: I tried the Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup, so smooth and natural , I'm loving it! Price at RM 140 for 30ml.

Thumbs up for Kiehl's counter in Isetan KLCC, we just passed by and she came out and asked immediately do we want some samples to try!!

So generous of her , then we walked in and tried some of the product and
I really like the Ultimate White-Surface Brightening Exfoliator and its only RM105 for 150ml!! It's in my wish list nowww.....can't wait for it!!!

Note :
  • Coupon from Cleo to redeem Origins freebies includes 1 mini facial pampers
  • Coupon from Women's Weekly Magazine to redeem Dior Nude foundation range freebies inclues 1 complimentary makeover and pay RM20 to get studio picture taken and a A5 pictures (if I remember well...)
  • If you want to redeem Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate serum which claims has invented the first skincare that boosts the activity of genes. It states that "see visibly younger skin in just 7 days". Print out the coupon below and present it to the Lancome counter for a sample!

(Click to enlarge)

p/s: KLCC Isetan's Lancome run out of stocks, SA told us by next week can get it . And said will call me to inform me .

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  1. only those living in the city have access to freebies over about us living in town that no such counter exist? why can't freebies be sent to us?


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