Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination

Once again Nuffnang is being an Angel and giving 80 pairs of tickets for the Premiere Screening of Final Destination! And you might win by simply by writing a blog post titled ‘I Don’t Want to Rest in Pieces like Final Destination' and include your horrified picture in it and send an email to them at with the permanent link of your blog post along with your full name.

I have a little story to tell

Some of you might have read in my previous blog entry about my same aged cousin who past away in a freak accident with his girlfriend (who is now his wife) few months back. However sometimes I feel he is still around because I still cannot and will not believe it that he is gone. Simply because I never thought this would happened to him because we are same aged, and I always thought we are in our twenties and have like plenty of time to do many others things. I waswrong. So when God took him away and make him safe by his side. It's a warning to myself that I might not have that much time in achieving my dreams or fulfilling my obligations.

Loving TS and his wife in Heaven!

My dreams is to become a world traveler, backpacking and travel around the world is my lifelong mission in life. However our life is so systematic, is like mathematics! Everything in our life is pre-arranged and pre-determined. Unless one can jump out of their comfortable current life and take risk to do what they want. But how many are successful ?

Just like in the Final Destination movie, Nick has foreseen in his dreams that he & his friends will have a tragedy and he have tried to prevent and escape it. Will he be successful ? Watch Final Destination in the Cinema.


And in my real life, I know that my life is quite pre-determined and foreseen due to family obligations and economic reality, I have tried or still trying to change my life to achieve my dream. Will I be successful ? Watch my future blog entries in

Therefore I don't want to rest in pieces like in Final Destination

Because I will and shall change the outcome of my life.

I'm staying alive and making best of it!


  1. HAHAHA....tat very horified...nice one ..nice one...

  2. My goodness it was 1.25am now and suddenly that horror pic of you appeared on my screen! Haha that really scare the poop outta me! Good job Jess!

  3. Hope this scare Nuffnang off and give me my free tickets... kekeke !!!

    Thanks for visiting here and leaving comments!

    p/s: Harim hope you are younger now cos your cell got shock and will bergerak secara rawak and help to maintain your skin elasticity and its anti aging also!!!


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