Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kiehl's Party

Last Saturday after ROC's workshop , we headed to Kiel's Pavilion as they have organised a party for Vonvon's readers only ! And this is also Vonvon's farewell party before she lari to UK ! Anyway we have a blast there !!!

Free try anything and everything in Kiehl's and the KCR (Kiehl's Customer Representative) are very kind, generous and helpful in giving advice and SAMPLES !! And BEST of all they are giving us a door-gift even though this event is FOC and on top of that RM10 discount for every RM100 during the party !!!

How does that sound.. Of course all of us went NUTS!!!

And here are the pictures you people waiting for! Tadaaa...

A Man in White is welcoming us !

A closer look, Oh he is the ICE MAN ...
How the hell he landed here ? Msia so hot leh...
I am so worry he is melting..but is okay Pavilion's aircon quite cold also lorrr!

Upon interviewing the White Man said he is from Greenland which has -86.8ºF and he's using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream which protects his skin from extremely cold weather which helps to facilitate his skin’s retention of natural water reserves. And he is in Pavilion without worries

p/s: I think need to put him in icebox to transfer him out from Pavilion to the airport, or else he'll melt!

Oh btw, all this you can just mess around for free!!!

Everything is there for you to Try Try Try!! And play around with

Bryan : Caught Red-handed!

Kiehl's General Election 2009

Vonvon is running for Presidency !

Vonvon with her campaigning speech and her winning smiling/waving like Hillary Clinton!

Vote for me and you can have free Kiehl's for all your life!!!

Vonvon's Party Blog Supporters

Vonvon and her new elected Cabinet Members.

p/s: The girl in blue is Nadia-Kiehl's PR and others is KCR)

Some of the Cabinet elected by Vonvon

Miu as the Minister of Shopaholic

Buaya Wing as Minister of Wild Animal

Byran - Minister of Sexy Body

Joey - Minister of Beautyologist

Candy - Minister of Figurines
Sim - Deputy Minister of the Ministry

Fatin - Minister of Public Relation

And some of the Cabinet Me

Chandelier which is a symbol to Kiehl's store in the whole wide world.

Nadia digging the samples from olden day Chinese herb shop looked a like cupboard

Refreshment time!!!!

To re-energise ourselves after messing testing Kiehl's product

Yummy yummy... cupcakes!!!
Even some middle eastern shopper trying to steal our food and then we caught them!!!
However they come back few times asked HOW MUCH ! -_-

Lots of different kinds of drink from 100 plus to coffee to Ginger xxx !!

Joey the Vanilla Cream girl..so manis sekali! Mahu lagi!


Here is Buaya Wing's hand after using Brightening Exfloiator! See the differences ?

p/s: I tried at home together with my bf. I can assure now that your face will be DEFINITELY smoother&brighter after using it !

I'm the living evidence of this product now :)

p/s : What is the Ice man doing ?

My comments on Kiehl's ! Keep it up!

Goodies Bag Time

Inside - 2 deluxe size Ultra Facial Moisturizer 30ml & Hair Conditioner & Grooming Aid 65ml.

WOW !!!
This is called good marketing strategy!
Buying our heart and make us loyal to them!

Premium Promotion
Buy RM1,000,000 free motor show by either one these girls above.

While stocks last

And that I have to say I love Kiehl's !!!!

Pictures Time

All of us left with EMPTY pockets but with plenty of shopping bag from Kiehl's

See how nice Kiehl's KCR has nicely wrapped my item!

So happy like opening Christmas's present!

2 deluxe size of doorgift , some samples and of cours the Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator!!!

Note : Market price RM105 and because of the special RM10 for every RM100, I bought it at RM95 .

However good news is now Isetan's member sale , for every RM100 free RM10 voucher!
So what you girls/boys waiting for...

And if you have empty bottles of Kiehl's product, collect it and exchange for their famous lip balm!!! Well say YES to recycle!!! Save the Earth!!!!!!

p/s : Thanks Vonvon for organising this or else I will never have walked in Kiehl's without worrying they will force me and look at me one kind if I'm not buying. And in fact after the party, there are more things I wanted to buy from them because I test it there and was given samples to go home and test it before I finally made my decision to buy. Anyway now I know Kiehl's is not that scary afterall, they have this policy in giving samples even without purchase to customer to try their products :) So people what you waiting for walk in today to the nearest Kiehl's store today


  1. Jess, it's not a beer!!! I'm not drinking for some time

  2. they din serve us beer le...wat joey holding is Vanilla cream...and the green bottle one is Ginger Ale not ginger beer...=.=
    got muslim readers there...its o halal!!!!


    so dam farnee lah ur post.. u make it into political campaign n what ministers etc..dam funny kekeke...

    buaya wing minister of wildlife animal..

    eh aren't i suppose to be financial minister...ahahhaa...

    INTERVIEW WITH ICEMAN SOMORE! hey u were there early to get him in action? i din see him inside the store T____T

    n u got all the introduction girls pic somore!

    arghh my camera battery something wrong!!!

  4. Wah lau eh....Jess....What have you turned me into ah?? Me so phaise nia...

    Btw, I like your humor when reporting about the party! Thanks dear!

    And you have pix of almost everyone....gonna snag them all....can u burn a CD of all the photos for me? it'll be easier than emailing me all the pix.

    Btw, the link to my blog doesn't work. Think you just need to copy and paste my url directly from my blog page and paste it...then baru boleh link.

    Thanks again, sweetie....

  5. Jess che che,

    Why u write so nice and put up so many nice pix?? You made me regret that I didn't go to the party with Mommy. I so want to go...sob sob....

    Rainbow sulking....:((

  6. melampau! i bought but she gives me one SMALL PAPER BAG only .. look down on me i guess :(
    i want that nice wrapping .. NADIA NADIA u hear me LOL LOL

  7. TO ALL :

    My apology, Haha didnt realise its not a beer .. is a vanilla cream that Joey is having..kekeke....

    Joey/Miu : The bottle design look like beer, smell like beer but its not beer right ?

    Miu : U cannot be finance minister or else the country will bankrupt!! I got few more ice man in action pic ...keke
    AND YOU SHOULD GET URSELF A NEW CAMERA OR get someone to buy it for you at least!!!

    Vonvon : u deserve to be the President of the day.. hehe. higher postion comes with great responsibility!! Anyway I will burn the cd for you pls kindly kindly remind meeeee

    Dear my rainbow : Lucky u not here if not my post is all your pictures only. Thanks for being kind and generous this time.. kekekek .. jk jk

  8. Hilarious!! Cldn't stop laughing..

    U got really good pics for this one..

    I eventually bght the surface brightening exfoliator.. feel soo exfoliated now.. lol!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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