Saturday, August 15, 2009

La Senza Semi Annual Sale!

I was walking around The Gardens after my Origins's workshop today and saw that La Senza is having their Semi Annual Sale. And in walk in curious to find out what are on SALE !!

La Senza has really colourful range especially in pretty PINK that girls love so much.

Good news

Their panties now on promotion RM55 for 5 pieces of panties!

And some of their sexy lingerie are also on sale 40% to 60% OFF!!!

And I can't resist from buying because I'm a shopaholic it's so pretty and I'm happy to find a very pretty dress that suits Miu's Shopaholic Bloggers Pajama Party coming in 3 weeks time!!!

Oh well , you girls also curious how the dress look like right ?

However, I am not going to showwww to keep it a secret & mysterious for the party!

Stay tune till the party is over!!!


  1. did u buy the rm55 panties? i bought 2 panties and 3 thongs.. they feel so nice.. i didnt actually buy them myself. asked my sis to buy them for me.. hehe..

  2. cd : no.. hehe i only likes their sexy pajamas.. ahahah !!!

  3. ive never tried their pyjamas yet.. would love to try those sexy ones..hehe..


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