Saturday, August 15, 2009

Me and Myself

Early March , I went for Shishedo's makeover in KLCC.

Here is a sneak picture of it .

Comparison with the portrait drawn by femes Ultraman Sasa!

p/s: Sasa really talented she can just drawwww.....For information and booking, pls contact me. Follower of my blog can get discount...keke


  1. wah very nice! shiseido makeover is so nice punya? they do ur hairstyle too?

    i have a makeover voucher by them but dun dare to go use it.. coz =_= duwan buy any products..

  2. Miu : their shishedo makeover is free during their promotion,when you purchase above certain price and i did my makeover at the roadshow at the klcc Ground floor by professional artist not SA

    My colleague bought their trial set and then don't want go, I mah go la.. their skills in applying eyeshadow so damn cantik...!!

    You must go and try, they dont even asked me to buy a thing.

  3. so pretty :) oh yeah your 2nd and 3rd guess need to come back with new link post about the contest for each entry. :)


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