Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Christian Dior's Makeover!

Last Monday went to KLCC Isetan Christian Dior Makeover promotion with their latest range of Diorskin Nude. So intentionally I did not put on any makeup that morning and would want see how the makeover could transform me. Save on my sleeping time and of cos my previous cosmetic!

p/s: If you are interested in the RM20 makeover promotion which comes together with makeover, hairdo and two pictures of yourself of the size of A4 and 5rd also Free dior skin nude foundation sample. However make sure you have the Women Weekly Mag August Issue and call Dior counter in Isetan, The Gardens because the promotion package start yesterday till 31 August 2009, only for 1st 52 readers who calls in . FYI KLCC's promotions end last Monday itself. If at all you do not have the magazine, then unless you buy RM200 then you can get it for free!

Dior with their new range of Diorskin Nude Foundation.

The new foundation is very smooth, thin, light and of cos NUDE and the makeover artist told me this range coverage is medium as it focus on natural look.

See how nude am I!


Their latest eyeshadow range which has a mix of cream and shimmer. Left 3 are creamy which can be used as eyeshadow base and the Right 3 is shimmering effect.

Very shimmering lipgloss, so kissable !!!

With all the above, After that I am transformed into Transformer !!!!

Of cos photoshop is essential la.. hahahah!!!

Tadaaa.... Jess the Transformer !!!

Which one is nicer this one or previous makeover from Shishedo ???

Comment and let me know...

p/s: The photographer keep ask me turn here and these, post this and that when taking picture I so shy because there are people around !!! So stone like that... Only this picture come out nice, if at home I think can give 101 post immediately!

Small talk: My bf said this makeover looks better more modern! Wah I got more makeover picture can send to my William, I wan make him droooollll (nude makeup also not nude picture!!!).... hahahaha... in my dream la !

If too lazy to photoshop your picture, taking picture at the right angel helps !!!!

Small talk: When I was doing my makeover, saw 2 middle age men uncles which is probably in their 50s with 1 girl maybe around age of 20 which is probably mistress from China (heard them talking) went to do photoshoot for themselves (without makeover of cos lo, just hair do) because they bought a lot of stuffs for the girl and entitle to few makeover!!! The pose is so funny and I cant help to notice and not to laugh... Never thought uncles will be interested to do photoshoot in public .... if not mistaken bought the whole range of it of what we saw above.... and she was carrying LV! The uncles was carryng a very big bulk of cash RM50 (saw it when he was paying!)

Samples given :D


  1. Jess darling, i think CD makeover is nicer than Shiseido la... sexy sexy!

    go for another session!

  2. SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!

    it's nicer than SHISEIDO!!

    bcoz the pose yah the pose is modern n n fresh!!!!

  3. oh oh!! i wanna go... dunu still available anot... any1 wanna go again with me? :x

  4. yea CD makeover is nicer than shiseido... make me feel like getting one too is the sample like? in sachet or mini vial??

  5. lisa g : i will take picture and show u girls ~~~

    janice try call isetan garden, dior's counter , only for 1st 52 isetan member

    miu : yours one more bergaya... kakaka.. natural betul ~

    candy : i m so tempted to go again!

  6. this one makeover is sooo HOT, you should frame it and put in your living room, hehhehe =P

  7. i think this one is more dinner like and the shiseido one is more fresh looking.
    overall both are gorgeous

  8. I Jessy....I like CD your make-over. I dun know why I'm not notice about this make-over before somemore its really cheap. In July 2009 I went for Estee Laurder Make-over...If your know any make-over in the future, please let me know email

  9. hi zya : keep a lookout here, i will post here once i know where got makeover.. anyway very seldom got cheap makeover.. unless through magazines

  10. Hi Jess, u look fab on your make up over :)What I love and want to try on DIOR is their shimmering blush.:)

  11. Aimee : Thanks babe :) hehe .. i havent try their blusher before..


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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