Monday, August 3, 2009

What is "People First. Performance Now?"

According to our beloved Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak statement in TheStar during his sworn in on 3 April 2009 that "Government is coming out with new approaches for new times – a government that places a priority on performance, because the people must come first." Then I asked myself do I feel that the administration of the government body walk the talk of PM's vow?

In today world, the consumer especially from the younger generation emphasise on customer service because we feel that no matter how good your products or your food are, if your service are bad, then I rather not buy/consume it . I have encountered few times of bad customer service before that I swore myself that I will never buy/consume their products NO MATTER how attractive. Because I feel a good brand and product take into account of consumer's feeling . And if I walk away feeling bad now, the possibility of not going back in the future is almost impossible. Simply because I have bad impression and I have plenty other brands to go for !!! And I believe " If you treasure us we treasure you back!" concept .

But today what I am saying is about government agency such as post office ??? Do we have a choice other than expensive courier company ? And they are monopolising the market ! Why are those civil servants still in their dreams aren't them not listening to the PM's vow???

Walk the Talk !!!!

Anyway relating back to today's incident ..

Sasa and I went to Ampang Park's post office today , wanted to buy 100 pcs of 40 cents stamps for office use , to our horror.... there are so many people in the post she proceeded to take the number for the machine.

However there is a notice pasted on the wall that for purchase of stamps , we do not need to take the number to queue . And we clarify with one of the officer and was told that we just stand by those 2 counters and slip in the money to buy... while officers is serving someone else. Means asked us cut queue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately only Counter 3&4 are open despite the whole place is almost packed!

So when we went to stand near the counter asked instructed by the officer and slip money to the officer asking to buy 100 stamps, then she said in a rude manner that "Cannot go take number, only can buy RM10 stamps only".

"And the male officers said there la go there, not here.."

What double standard is it? And guess what people are watching we feel so embarrass !!!!

So we proceeded to the take the queue slip... and still got 35 persons ahead!!! and 2 counters!!Even each transaction for 1 person is 5 mins , we still have 1 hour to wait !!!

Then we give up la... just walked away!

Note : Look at the time differences between the queue slip and my watch !!!!!!!!!

Not so easy, I saw they place in the counter customer feedback form, quickly grab it wanted to let out my grouses.... but there is NO PEN to be seen!!! Pinjam pen some more!!

p/s: My writing follows my mood. Therefore when I am angry or piss off, you see the writing on top the picture.. just crap nia.. hahahaha... but I hope they take serious concern !!!

I want to see "People First. Performance Now?" Civil servant salaries are being paid by tax payer money and we are the boss , how come this little napoleon acting like he is the boss ?


  1. Haha, where got .. anyway sometimes need to give SERIOUS feedback ma... maybe got chance for improvement leh ... ( as if la ha!)

  2. err.. pos malaysia bhd is a public listed company. it is not run by the government. you might want get your fact straight.

  3. dmj : although they dont directly own by our Malaysian's government. Its a GLC definitely...pos malaysia has 16,000 employee, at 686 branches, reaching 6 million addresses nationwide.

    p/s: thanks dmj for pointing it out


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