Thursday, August 6, 2009

Restaurant review : Ka-Wha Korean BBQ Buffet!

Warning - Unhalal Food are being served here

After I tried Daidomon a Japanese Buffet in Great Eastern Mall, been craving to try Korean Buffet for some time. One of the lovely Sunday evening in July, Miu invited me to a makan2 session in Restaurant Ka Wha which serves authetic korean buffet in Bangsar and great they having promotion now !!!! The attraction is this restaurant serves pork as well unlike some of the restaurants in KL.

The restaurant located the same row with the old Popular Bookstore, opposite Little Black Book and Cat Whiskers which is a great place to walk around after the meal ... Anyway let the picture do the justice

The surrounding

Korean tea which taste like green tea + chinese tea

Wing looking great with her Estee Lauder's makeover

Below are the appetizer!!!!- all is yum yum.

Sasa went to try this restaurant and was told the appetizer can only refill for 3 times

Marinated lard

The marinated beef

Oh the freshness of pork is heavenly

Some onions and mushroom ready to be BBQ

Ready to eat!

Ahhh... charcoal @ there is a elecronic fans controlling the fire.

Oh yes, can request to add charcoal if you feel the fire not strong enough.

Main masak-masak by Wingz

The lard - very fresh and sweet !

Very fresh squidc& prawns

Fried glass noodle in Korean style - very tasty not like the normal serve in restaurant 1

Korean Pizza - Thanks to Wingz , she recommended this... very yummy as well

Super yummylicious Kimchi Soup

Mackarel in Steam Style

Fried mackarel

I think this is Bibymbam.. inside got beef 1

Kimchi Fried Rice - Not bad!

Happy Miu and happy me after makan-ing

Cai Wing and myself

2 celebrity beauty bloggers - Miu and Vonvon(wt her signature bluetooth)

Vonvon and Rainbowww

This one extra loving Meow want to slurppp Miu

Can see , Miu is now full with power to kill people with her eyes liao.. don't play play

Gentle Reminder to those people who waste food !

The blue indicator means only can order 1 plate/person .

Other things that you can order from the menu unlimitedly

Note : Oh ya, I forgot to mention , each table entitled to a plate of watermelon as dessert and a scoop of ice cream (choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry) for each person .

Price :

RM48++/person for adult

RM28/person for child (100-110cm)


3 pax @ RM48++/person and the 4th person 50% (RM24++)

4 pax @ RM48++/person and 5th person eats for FREE


Price - 8/10 stars fresh meat/fish/vege (However some item 1 plate/person!)

Taste - 8/10 stars ( The sauce was good! )

Design - 5/10 stars(restaurant quite small, probably family business)

Service - 5/10 stars (only 1-2 waiters, have to keep repeat our order cause she is forgetful!)

Ambiance - 5/10 stars (nothing special for me to relate to Korea-unless Rain become waiter lol)

Overall -7/10 stars ( Good place to go back once a while)

Information of the Ka-Wha Restaurant

Address : 20-1 Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar (1st floor)

Tel: (603) 22847762

Food serve : Not halal


  1. hahaha...dam farnee lah u..say my eyes wan kill ppl.. u the one ask me open big big..complain my eyes small!!!

    fuiyoh everyone make up for korean bbq only me so pucat?????

    NOT FAIR next time I WILL make UP ALSO! takut cair in the smoke only T_T

    nice review..again very detail..price n pic..all here.. =_= i hate u

  2. Miu : your face so smooth now nonit use foundation also nvm, plus and ur cheek natural red2 .. already is a blush. So u are consider make UP okay. Ppl with good skin like you no make up also looks like make UP, unlikeeeee us ( not I mean me !) kekeke...

  3. Yum.. I feel like going for korean bbq all of a sudden... nvm if i am already planning to go on my birthday as well..



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