Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review/Comments on RMK'S Workshop!

Went for the RMK' workshop which we paid RM150 for it and it was conducted in The Apartment restaurant, KLCC . Here are some of the pictures, review and comments to share .

Leave your comments here too and tell me what you observed and felt!!!

The set that is being placed on our table and to be shared by 4 persons!!! Some of the products there is only a few and the Beauty consultant is holding it and distributing it ! Waste of time !

*Note the dirty brush that we havent even start to use* And 2 tables sharing tissues and cotton pad , which I have to keep Sasa for more !!!!*

Candy , Legendary Lilian and Candy's friend Marina!

Make-up Remover which they didnt tell us not to used on lips. and Vonvon one of the victim

Creamy eyeshadow * Not so nice*

Shimmering eyeshadow which suppose to be put on after the creamy eyeshadow

*Nice to see but not so nice to use*

Look at the sitting arrangement for 30-35 participants.

*No space for beauty consultant to the people sitting in the middle row*


Without any skin care and make-up *see the eyes bag and lack of clarity face*

Note : Must do more mask and sleep more!!!

Applying Skintuner Moist , which acts as tuner and moisturiser,

Applying the Skintuner Moist, moisturise but sticky!!! * But the Beauty consultant standing beside me who is demo-ing keep said see its not sticky and feeling fresh* -_-

After applying skin-care * Can see a bit radiant in the face?* Still feeling sticky* yucks

Opss... not forgetting the Skin Protector SPH 31

Note : Its great hear that all RMK skin care such as skin protector with SPH 31 and comestic such as liquid foundation except for cream foundation can be applied to our eyes area because it is water based *which means my eyes area are well-protected from UV rays*

Pencil concelar

*Only 1 concelar for 4 persons to share, not time efficient we keep waiting and waiting !*

With concealer

* Dark eyes bag still can be seen , but not so obvious already*

Close up

*ignore the pimples, i m still in my teenage years ma..keke*

Liquid foundation No 02

* The workshop only provide No 01 and ONLY UPON ENQUIRY THEY TAKE OUT THE NO2* and SA will be taking the only No 2 foundation walk around rather than putting in on the table for the particapant to apply themselves

See any differences ?

I put so much only to get this result, I still prefer my Paul and Joe liquid foundation

The eye makeup which the cream eyeshadow and shimmer took me longest time to use it, the colours not as good/obvious as M.A.C . Initially use the silver cream eyeshadow but its not showing !!!!

Sasa and me

After the picture

Bought the Brightening set at RM190 which includes Fruit Skintuner, Skin Brightener Lotion and Face Skin Protector with SPH 31 together with a pouch. (using RM100 cash voucher from the workshop)

The workshop door gift is Cream Makeup Base and some samples and got extra samples from generous Lilian upon purchasing!


Overall rating of the workshop : 3/10

Value of RM150 workshop :5/10

Bright side :
Get to play with the makeup, meet with our fellow blogger and buy the promotion set at great value!!!

Dark side :
Bad management, i.e only 1 set of skincare/comestic for 4 persons to share which and the brush is old and dirty Dirty is something I cannot tolerate at all!! Even the eyeliner tip keep cracking when I was using it!!!

2) Goodies bag is so so only !!! the last time I attended the Pavillion RMK workshop for free been given some travel size items as well!

Location The Apartment Restaurant KLCC: 6/10

Bright side:
Its a private venue which air-conditioned at the 1st floor of the restaurant , the natural lightning there is very suitable for beauty workshop because its conducted near the window
2) Easily access by public transport

Dark Side
1) The Speaker is heavily pregnant should not even be doing the demo, cause her voice so soft and like no energy!

2) The whole area of the 1st floor of restaurant is big and we only used 1 side of the venue, yet no MIC was being used despite there is 30-35 of them, which end up the we can only hear each of us talking !

3)Arrangement of tables need to be improved as people keep said excuse me while walking behind me , cos the space between 2 rows very narrow!

4) Preferred the classroom arrangement like the one RMK workshop I attended for FREE in Pavillion 1-2 months ago!!!!!! Cause we cant see what the beauty consultant doing because she is standing beside us rather than infront of us for those sitting infront!

Food = -10/10
Was served super duper hard nuggets, some over-fried wedges, and lauzy sandwich and some cakes at the size of my fingers!!

The worst food ever being served for a workshop despite paying for the workshop (even the RMK management agreed that food was bad!!!!) MUCH worst than mamak or tepi jalan food, and Definately we deserve at least proper sandwich or fried noodle or PASTA!!!!! bad name for Luxasia and The Apartment for serving this kind of food !!!!!

Knowledge and service of ALL Beauty Consultant = 4/10

Bright side :
Only Lilian and 1-2 girls are helpful.. still those young SA product knowledge very bad and I asked them simple question also hesistate. Lucky Lilian there to assist us!

Dark Side:

1) Not enough Beauty Consultant to assist each table consists of 4 participants as the one doing demo-ing not clear and did not wait us to finish the previous step before proceeding * We are slow also because 4 of us need to share the only product and sometimes being borrowed and taken to another table !!!!!*

2)There is unfriendly Beauty consultant who dont even care when we asked question and dont even come to help when noticed we needed help !!! And some not even smilling , face like black2 , we feel very uncomfortable for the whole session!!!!

3)Did not gain and knowledge on their star products and other products because of the whole arrangement and time keep wasted and end up they are rushing to finish the workshop !!! What a waste for Luxasia not to fully utilise this workshop to get the participant's attention on it and make them loyal customer !

Door gift and products purchased - 2/10

Bright side :
Creamy make-up base as door gift worth Rm120 and Makeover voucher and some sachets small samples to try

Dark side:
2007 manufacture products as door gift? Normally cosmetic has 3 years shelves life and like that the door gift and other samples must be finished before next year!

Suggestions & Improvements: Read the above !!!!!

Quote of the day : If you treasure us we treasure you back!

p/s: Special thanks to Miu for co-ordinating this and not even paid for this and unfortunately Luxasia did not even record special thanks to her during the workshop when all the participants are Miu's loyal readers and came here because of her. And if not Miu I dont think would want to attend such an expensive workshop and being treated like that , feeling so unhappy till nowwwwww! However we dont blame Miu for the not so great workshop but the management.

Exclusion clause : All below pictures, review and comments are of my personal opinion observed from the workshop and do not mean to defame anyone or whoever are concerned. I do not hold malice against any product/person and only meant for personal sharing of experience to my fellow readers.



  1. nice post :P me likey ^^ keep up the good work ^^

  2. very detailed review of the RMK Workshop, really interesting how you convey your emotions in your writting, bravo for being honest about it as I felt the same way.

    Also thank you so much for coming to this workshop & giving me so much support! Very touching that you and the rest of the girls appreciate my efforts :)

    I hope our next workshop i can really chat with u all without worries. So sorry that you felt it wasn't up to your expectations, will try to do something to make it up.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. wow, very good and detail review! i have the same idea with you but honestly i'm not able to express in good words as you *shy shy*(ok, with my lauzzzzy English la..) anyway u had did a great job, my idol ;p

  5. hehe,even we go to counter buy sometimes also will get mfg 2007 one....kose lagi teruk,2006 also got,but exp is 5 years...

  6. wow.. what a comprehensive review!

    but gosh you really have so much to say!

    it's a wonder why your review on food was 10/10 and everything else was way below that! i suspect you thought you were walking into a restaurant!

    i believe no amount of make up could have improved your looks, because nothing can cover that much fat on your face!

    word of advise, maybe less CLOSEUP pictures of your-blubber-self might add a touch of less crap to this review!

    sorry to say, the spiteful ones are usually the ugly ones who envy others due to their own shortcomings.

    being one of the participants in the workshop, you were one of the most outstanding ones! all for the wrong reasons! OUCH!

    I felt the workshop was a good one overall, and like many others had its own pluses and perhaps some room for improvement. I would most likely attend if they were to schedule another one.

  7. Adeline,

    Jess is just being honest in her review, but your comment is a personal attack rather than suggesting/disagreeing with what she has wrote about the rmk workshop.

    Though you mention the ugly ones are usually the spiteful ones, I can't help wondering now if you are as spiteful as what you have describe from your comments.

  8. oi.....u jealous with her is it....haiyah...i guess u must be more fat than her la...and much much more ugly than her la.....that why u so so jealous...aiyo......u budak kurang ajar mirror or not? i can sponsor u one...very cheap RM 0.10 as cheap as i can afford throw 1 to u ...if u need mail me

    tutu j

  9. Using dirty cheap techniques to insult a person is just LOW.

    Don't u have any other good critism to comment other than insulting the blogger? maybe we should print out your comment and go to the police station to make a police report coz this is called DEFAMATION OR... HARRASSMENT?

    perhaps maybe we can see u at your workplace too?

  10. This her blog ... is have the right to do wat she wants and wat she wanna post :)))) but u ... u hav no single right to ask and tell her what to do.... pls look at urself b4 u talk abt others ... and u talk greatly and dare to teach ppl how to write and wat to write... how abt u write it urself .... or .. perhaps... u r all abt the talk ? i doubt abt it ...

  11. Dear Adeline,

    People have the right to review the food according to their rights.Perhaps you should go to the restaurant and make your owns review.

    Well every woman does make up. Your way that insult fat woman don't have the right to make up is really wrong. Because if you saying that those fat Hollywood star doesn't need to make up? And that's make you fucking dumb. I know u don't need make up because u are ugly.

    And lastly gtfo because u are ugly fuckface whore.

  12. Adeline,

    i think you didnt read the whole post properly, she was rated the food -10 ok.or you need to buy a new spec?? go pasar malam get a pair from china man before you turn on your computer ok? perhaps you were satisfied for the workshop with your own STANDARD, but doesnt meant it reach others ppl STANDARD ok?(well, words does reflect ppl personality, like the luaZZZY 1 like to use HARSH word to attack ppl) you better watch your word.

  13. Miu - Perhaps. And spiteful people begets spiteful feedback.

    Yenni - Thanks for the offer. I am sure everything that you have (or maybe you yourself) must be around the price range of $0.10, but i think i will pass on cheap stuff. Maybe a guy will take up your offer of cheap stuff.

    Just blossom - I think you must be living in neverland somewhere. If you construe this as defamation /harassment, then you better start going back to high school. (Oh, and bring John with you. I can barely understand a word of what he/she? is saying) Or maybe just invest in a dictionary. If you feel like printing, please do so, I am sure we need to cut down more trees.

    jem - as much as she has the right to post something in her blog, i have as much right to pen my thoughts down here, just as much as you do. If she does not like what is said, she is more than welcome to delete it.
    "u r all abt the talk ? i doubt abt it ..." <--- btw... excellent use of the english language. I OSSO DOUBT ABOUT IT
    Ps. maybe both you and just blossom can share a dictionary.

    john - thanks for your truly intelligent insight and extensive use of foul language. It brightens up this blog quite a bit! Your family MUST be extremely proud of you. Ps. Start taking English lessons.

    Sasa - Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like you got your glasses from there! I am sure you have an extensive network of Chinaman pasar malam contacts to which you buy your stuff from. Good for you!

    I have attended and will be attending many other workshops from many other companies. Perhaps I might see some of you lonely gals there!

    anyway tata! i shall not waste anymore time in this blog. I am sure there will be some serious retorts that will be posted after this. By all means go ahead if it makes you all feel better! So enjoy!

  14. THANK YOU for you comments and my supporters!

    Till we meet again.

  15. Adelin

    if i m selling china stuff at pasar malam, i will not deal business with you. shuh..... :p

  16. adeline i am pretty sure u will still reading and following this blog....i noe beside you are a very jealous person also ur curiousity iver extremely high because your are so lonely person all you can do is BITCHING, what else can i expect much from such a douchebag like you.....ok u may talk to my hand from now on .....but before u talk to my hand pls use brain also ....bcus u think u are so damn good when u speak , all come out from ur brain /head and ur finger typing is just RUBBISH =.="", and pls dont try tell me study or grammar correction if you are so good pls become english teacher to earn some money so u wont be so cheap as 0.10cent and also will help u fill ur empty time than bitching on other ppl ok....pls take my advise i am 1000% sure it will work for you and for ur brighter future ok...dont waste if not u will really become 0.10cent shemale douchebag

  17. >>Miu - Perhaps. And spiteful people begets spiteful feedback.<<

    You don't need to apply euphemism ... if you want to admit you are ugly just some out and say it. Cuts through the BS.

    >>Yenni - Thanks for the offer. I am sure everything that you have (or maybe you yourself) must be around the price range of $0.10, but i think i will pass on cheap stuff. Maybe a guy will take up your offer of cheap stuff.<<

    Sorry to disappoint you, since you are too thick to understand whats in between the lines ... here's the breakdown = YOU; are worth $0.10 which is what i'm willing to give to YOU. DO not confuse the likes of you with myself *pfft*

    tutu j


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