Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bluunis 12th Anniversary – Free Facial Treatment

Day 6 Part 1: 10 Days No Shopping Challenge

So much freebies and free trial available in the market. Partly economy is bad and companies want to boost up their business. Well thanks to them it's to the advantage to the consumer because now we get to try  before we made our silly decision. In order to be a smart and prudent consumer don't be shy to approach for freebies and trial today !!! I believe companies make samples and trial for the public to try it and not for the SA to keep inside the drawers! If the product/service is good, there is no reason why a normal thinking person would not want to use their product/services (oklah price factor plays a major rolee...!)

Promotion starts from Date: 1 August – 31 September 2009

Free RM120, 000 worth of facial treatment.

Call now to book to make appointment for the free facial worth RM120 ( for 1 hour or more)

  Please note the free facial promotion is only available on weekdays upon consultation.

Click here to find out more the branch number you intend to go.

p/s: Other than The Curve, Bluunis also has branch at Mid Valley City,Sg Wang,Jaya 33, Sunway Pyramid and etc..Check out their nearest branch from their website.

Updates:I just called them and made appointment for my facial this Monday in their Sg Wang's branch at 6pm. Remember to call the beauty salon rather than the toll free number because the toll free number operator just ignored me and said promotion finished in October ???


  1. I been Subang Parade branch last month with my friend. The customer service just ask us to fill in the form then said that if we are selected, they will call us. I feel that they are not sincere lo.

  2. I thot it was a great offer til i saw Ann Nee's comment.

    Jess, after yr appointment, pls confirm that the facial is indeed free and available.

    I hope u wont waste your time

  3. hello....

    Bluunis? i don't trust bluunis le.

    it's like "McDonalds" of facials.. same goes for New York Skin Solutions, and London Weight Management.

    The "Fast food" of beauty salons. pay a lot but get back little.


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