Friday, September 11, 2009

Exchange your Old Moisturizer for Biotherm Aquasource sample

Day 5 Part 2: 10 Day No Shopping Challenge

Early in the morning received sms from Sasa to bring my old moisturizer to exchange for Biotherm's freebies. Ransacked for my old Clinique's moisturizer and luckily found it after 10 minutes! So lunch today went with Sasa to see whether is it truth they are giving out Biotherm Aquasource pot 15 ml if I bring your Old Moisturizer worth RM50 fo exchange.

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*Pls be reminded your mosturizer must worth RM50 above for this exchange program. Also they only have 30 units for exchange in each counter ,however some many varies. SA in KLCC told me she left around 15 or so. So pls kindly call 03-2382 0328 before going there to make sure it's still available.*

How great is it by not shopping and get freebies !

By not shopping this few days , I realised I got more freebies because I'm a freebiesholic* seems like all is out there waiting for me to get it !

Biotherm Aquasource range

*Original size of the moisturizer is 50ml RM140*

Sasa has told me long before about how wonderful this water based moisturizer done miracle to her for past few years until recently her face no longer can feel the miracle and she decided to change to use Laneige.

When I asked for more samples to try, the SA gave me the latest range of Biotherm Skin Vivo , which target for anti-agng by protectng and repairing our DNA from micro-damages. It claims that "Imagine in One bottle, 10 years of Youth in 4 weeks* . Price at RM240 for 50ml.

Over the counter, saw this is leave on the table , so we just took it since inside includes sachet of Biotherm Homme Force Supreme's moisturizer.

p/s: Hehe, we are freebiesholic mah, got what also grab lol


p/s: Thanks to Sasa and her cousin who found out about the freebies . Muaccckss.


  1. do we need to be members or anything to get it?


  2. Hi , you do not need to be members to redeem the freebies.

    Just walk in. before that call them 1st

  3. Johhny : U can exchange for men range moisturizer, at least can try 1st , if good then can consider to buy it

  4. woah nice exchange program, but I don't use biotherm, somehow my face starts to peel from using it. I have dry n sensitive so probably not suitable for biotherm products.


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