Monday, September 7, 2009

What is it hanging there ?

Spotted a car with something hanging below his car's boot... So curious about it that I asked my bf to speed up his car to get nearer to see what it is !

Something pinkish.... can it be a baby's head ?

Upon closer look , its a PINK stitch from Lilo & Stitch's movie character !

Wondering why is it hanging down there, is it intentionally or unintentionally...

Intentionally to attract the car road user's attention OR unintentionally the car's boot got hole that the poor Stitch fell out and hanging there !

p/s: Maybe its a trend now to hang your favorite bear there... but I prefer to have my bear2x in my arms ! I don't want her to get dirty !!!

My Bubu !!!!!!

p/s: This crazy huge COOL BEAR is selling at Parkson, Pavilion for Rm2000 with FREE DELIVERY AND MAINTENANCE FOR 6 months !!! Most important u can customize our own bear !

Trying to persuade my bf to buy this for me and he refused !!!!! This bear2 so hug-able ! Most importantly I looked like thinner in this picture with Bubu!

Also now they are doing promotion for your choice of customized small size bear at RM39.90 ! Some GWP which include free stuffing whole life and FREE SPA for the bear.... -_- WTF I also don't have SPA leh!!!

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