Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bobbi Brown - 5 Minutes to get Your Perfect Skin

Who wants to have perfect skin ?

I am always envy people with great skin, regardless whether they have great skin or looking great in their foundation. And I always try to find the perfect foundation to look great as I do not have great skin... And till now I have not find the right foundation to look PERFECT yet !

Bobbi Brown claimed that there is a secret to PERFECT SKIN is to have the right foundation and they can make you to have perfect give by giving 5 mins to determine which foundation is suitable for you.

And best of all, they are giving us complimentary foundation sample by visiting them from now to 31 October 2009.

So why are you waiting for ? Go to the nearest Bobbi Brown's counter/store NOW

p/s: I will update with pictures after getting the freebies :)


  1. yalah, i'm so jealous of people with perfect skin or perfect foundation (whatever it is, hehehe =P)do let us know after you tried ya jess, wink2

  2. mizz ayna : mee too.. so i will check out see what wonders can they do for 5 mins ?

  3. why dont you try shu uemura nobara stick foundation..i did faced problem in finding my right foundation before..until i tried the nobara stick..instantly in love with it..:)

  4. harllo...

    i walked past the store in midvalley yesterday...


    didn't go in. Hhaha.


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