Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dior Boreal Lip Gloss Pendant

Dior Holiday 2009 Collection just started last Tuesday and I was waiting to peep their limited collection Dior Cristal Boreal Pendant with lipgloss...cos I love bling bling !!! Indeeed it really look bling2xxxx !!! Check out the pictures....

with 52 crystallized Swarovski crystals

Slide open and you can see your ligloss !!!

With this your lips can look yummylicious anytime because you wont forget to put it on!

2 choices colour of the lipgloss

This limited edition of Dior Cristal Boreal pendant comes with a black Dior gift box and it is selling for RM220 !!!!

And this is only available in Isetan from 19 to 25 October 2009.

Dior KLCC only has 30 sets available.

Hurry up if if you plan to get one !

KLCC Tel : 03-2382 0286

p/s: Should I or should I not.. I need it , I don't need it ... I love it.. I need to hate it ....but HOW?


  1. really bling2.. mana satu nak beli eh.. semua holiday collection best sangat.. shu uemura pon cute... heheh beli aje la jess...

  2. Honey B : this is really nice @ haha can be cosmetic and accessories at same time. However pricey !!! sob sob ..

  3. The pendant soo bling! But rm220 a bit pricey.. but soo pretty.. i'm not helping very much am i.. ;p

  4. nice :) hehe.. good for you :) snap a pic with makeover next time :)

  5. Hey there, yeah it's pricey i would say, but i just couldn't resist it! Bought 2 sets of the pendants in the end. So in love with them!!!

  6. jess envy u........but out of my budget ....sobsobs T.T

    tutu j

  7. this is so freakin nice ..if you can afford it and no need to starve for the rest of the month after buying this..why not getting it cos so preeetttyyy lar finished the lip gloss still can use it as accessories hihihi

  8. Fatin : Haha end up didnt buy, was brain washed by my friend that better save more and buy gold which will have value or buy "real" jewelry from Swarovski... I was so tempted :D My friend said RM220 is too expensive n said if i wear it, i will be helping dior to make free advertisement !

    Sherry : No chance liao, today last day...

    BeautyGuruGuru: Haha u can do rental service . hehe maybe i can rent for u and take pic with my makeover ? Lol!

    Tutu: I also out of budget .. !!! Come hug together and mourn ...

    Lisa : I'm really not a lip gloss fan , I have Stila Plumping Lipglaze is good enough and I love it !!! Main reason did buy is , I think the Dior pendant is too heavy & big to wear ..maybe IF i buy also put at home admire .. hehe


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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