Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exclusive Goodskin Lab's Hands-On Workshop

The scientists at GoodSkin Labs are dedicated to fighting consumers’ age concerns on every level with targeted treatments that deliver both instant results and long term benefits. For more information on Goodskin Labs product , click here to read more.

Some of you may not know that GoodSkin Labs is a brand created in 2007 by BeautyBank, the subsidiary and entrepreneurial think tank of Estee Lauder Companies. And In Malaysia, GoodSkin Kiosk available in Mid Valley Megamall, Guardian pharmacies and selected Sasa stores.

Publish Post

The Women's Weekly Magazine has exclusively organised another exciting beauty workshop with GoodSkin Lab this coming Nov 14, 2009 and this is not advertise in their current or coming issues of MWW. Most importantly the admission is free and you get to bring along one of your family or friend.

Details of the workshop as follows.

Date : 14 November 2009
Time : 10am - 12.30pm
Venue : Garden Cafe @ LG Floor , 1Utama , New Wing (next to Reebok Store)
Admission : Free

You enjoy :
  • Hands on experience with Goodskin Lab product (And you get to see the results instantly!!!)
  • Makeover treats by celebrity make-up Artist Derict Lim & Team
  • Door Gift & Redemption voucher worth RM150
  • Free Lucky draw / fabolous prizes for grabs
* Terms & Conditions apply, first come first serve basis

(Note: Please kindly come with a clean face (without makeup) for the GoodSkin Labs hands on session and after that there will be makeover treats by the celebrity make-up artist !)

p/s : I do know that Goodskin Labs has been organising the same workshop for Hello Magazine readers BUT in this workshop there is a lucky draw and fabulous prizes for grabs and ALSO they are inviting celebrity make up artist to do the makeover for the participants !!!

Please kindly leave you name and the person that you want to bring along with your EMAIL address in my comment box before 10 November 2009. And I will complied the name list and send to the persons in charged . Hurry up only 40 seats available for this exclusive workshop.

MWW has reached the number of participants and therefore, they will close for any incoming registration.

Name list of participant & Status from Organiser
1.Ayna Jalal- Confirmed registration
2.Dayang Noreza(Ayna's friend)- Confirmed registration
3.Pauline Tan -Confirmed registration
4.Annee Tan- Confirmed registration
5. Amy Lau(Annee Lau's friend)- Confirmed registration
6.Anna Kam- Confirmed registration
7.Zoe Kam(Anna's friend- Confirmed registration
8.Cheryll Lim - Confirmed registration
9. Cuna -Confirmed registration
10.Harim -Confirmed registration
11. Faten (Harim's friend)-Confirmed registration
12. Rachel -Confirmed registration
13. Wah Li Lian -Confirmed registration
14. Kitty -Confirmed registration
15. Nurul (Cuna's friend) - Confirmed registration
16. Wendy Pua - Confirmed registration
17.Pigita - Confirmed registration
18. How Dai Chu -Confirmed registration
19. How Dai Koan - Confirmed registered.

BY NOW , ALL THE NAMES ABOVE SHALL RECEIVE FROM MWW. IF YOU HAVE NOT, LET ME KNOW by emailing me at Thank you! Have fun girls~


  1. I want want want, can jess??? pretty please, hehehhe =P me & my bff, Deya love ya bebeh, muahz2

  2. Jess, i want to go.

    Name : Pauline Tan

    email: paulinecltan(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. How cool! Although, is there a certain age group that can go? Products may not be suitable for those younger ones?

    Any thoughts?

  4. Abby : If I remember well, I asked the SA before, they told me we should start using anti-aging product as early as 25. And if you are having signs of aging such as dullness, lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, age spots and enlarged pores, maybe time to starts ?

    Anyway rest assured, I will check with them again :)

  5. Name : Annee Tan
    Friend Name : Amy Lau


  6. pretty jess ~ I wanna go ^^ and my sis wanna go too ^^

    My name : Anna Kam

    My sis name : Zoe Kam
    email :

  7. abby : Just spoke to the person-incharged, she said the workshop not entirely talk about anti aging as in Goodskins do offer products for normal skin and another star products others than Citra-Peel and Tri-Aktline is Smooth-365 is like makeup based according to her.

    Abby come along and discover if they preach what they said, instant result oh !

  8. me too...
    i'm coming with my friend Faten.
    btw, how many can we take per person?

    Name: Harim & Faten

  9. hey Jess, i wanna go! ^o^

    i'm Rachel and this is my e-mail,

    thanks!!! =D

  10. Hi Jess,I would love to take up the opportunity too!
    Name: Wah Li Lian

    God Bless!
    Li Lian

  11. Hi Jess, I wanna go too.

    My Name: Kitty

    Thanks :D

  12. All names submitted . Name List confirmed will be updated in the blogspot.

  13. Hi Jess! still can register or not? I want to go with my fren, Nurul. My email cuna_02[at]yahoo[dot]com

  14. Dearie, my dear friend Cheryll Lim would like to join too!

    Name: Cheryll Lim

  15. Jess, i want to go.

    Name : Wendy Pua


  16. Hi Jess, is the seat still available? Can i add 1 more friend?
    Thank you.

  17. Anne : Registration is full according to the organiser. I will let you know again if there is any.

  18. hi jess, me and my sis haven't got any confirmation email from the organiser yet ~ not even in the spam mail box ><
    so approximately when can we get the email ?

  19. Yjia,

    I will check with them on monday :D Not to worry if ur name already in the list

  20. Hi Jess , so have you checked with the organiser ady ?
    a bit worried coz the workshop is on this saturday rite ?
    still haven't got any email from the organiser ~~~
    or can we just straight away go to the workshop ? as my name is already in the confirmed list ...hehe...

  21. Girls dont worry, I have called organiser, she said havent send out final confirmation email to all of you :) So dont worry !!!

  22. Jess, My friend Amy Lau will absent. & i will bring another friend Rachael Chan to replace Amy Lau. Do you think it is OK?? :)

  23. Ann Nee: you should be receiving your confirmation email today and its best for you to email the organiser back to inform them about this. As when you attend the workshop, you need to provide your ic for confirmation to attend the workshop.

  24. my sis cant come for the workshop too, coz she's in Ipoh and my fren will replace for her seat...
    so i e-mail the organizer abt tis oso is it? ok ok ^^
    thanks so much^^
    fortunately u did told abt tis^^

  25. Jess, I managed to change my friend's name. YEAH.....

  26. I managed to change my friend's name but at the end she cant make it since her car broke down. SIGH...

    I attend the workshop myself. :( The workshop start on 11am & i left there 1230pm. I am not sure whether got lucky draw & fabulous prizes or not after i left.

    If not mistaken, Zoe sit in front of me. She said that i'm not look like the people who know mandarin :) Hahaha..... I am a PURE chinese.

  27. great expenrince ,
    here are the link


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