Monday, October 5, 2009

FREE Workshop by 128 Faubourg, by Sothys

Spotted this big big big banner in front of Bangsar Shopping Mall last weekends. I just called up them to check and they confirmed to me that this workshop is open to MAN AND WOMAN out there.. (hurray ........) Just walk in on the stated date & time. No reservation is needed to be made ..... As they do not limit the participants.

Also also , they are giving out free GOODIE BAG!!!!!!!!!!! plus lucky draw prizes!!!

( I hope they are giving out Sothy's facial package... hehe how greedy am I) Sothy's facial is so expensive !! and I heard is really good !!!! So pray pray they give this out lol...

So girls and boys out there, mark down this date at your diary now !!!! Don't miss it cos there might be surprise for us !

Their beauty institute located at 1F-10, 1st Floor, Bangsar Village II No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur 59100, Kuala Lumpur, Tel : 03-22878128

p/s: Yummy I love free workshop& goodie bag !!


  1. been there once only then the ong case so no longer go

  2. Now the carpark is very bright with lots of light and security guard walking and standing around to guide..

  3. Lucky it's a FREE workshop, v dry liao.

    If have time will go check it out.

  4. only thing hubby dont like going there.. wil ask why want go for wht, etc.

  5. have to register for this?

    is this workshop or roadshow? 10am-10pm?

  6. Hi girls,
    As mentioned its a free workshop/roadshow. However when I spoke to the SA she used the word workshop. and no registration is needed as i mentioned in the post :)if not mistaken the there will have a lot of SA and will be doing personal consultation and pampering sessions.. i will call them to confirm tomoro.. definitely not 10am-10pm workshop.. haha

  7. wahhhh....

    Sothys free workshop ?

    Serious ah...


  8. it says 23-1st october...

    a bit the vague la.. their marketing..

    there is no specific time to go in for a workshop... more like roadshow, i think.

    Can go and see, bt jst be careful of the hard-selling. and a chance to see how their company operates.

  9. the poster is nice :p so cute hor the guy hehehehehe .. i wan free poster can ah LOL

  10. take your time to use SIY but do check the expiration.

  11. CY : of cos u can repost in your blog, dont forget credit to me.. hahahaha... :P

  12. lol... actually was asking if u were going to repost it.. since this event is coming this week... yup, this friday onwards... 7 days right.. so we can all go together... LOL....

  13. Thanks Jess.May i know the time and date please.Thanks again.

  14. Kathleen : Its more like a roadshow than workshop. Its in Bangsar Village 2 , Ground floor. Basically need go thru skin analysis and consultation with them and then they give door gift of free eye treatment worth rm90 & facial at promo price RM128. Well you can check it out anytime from now to 1st Nov. Good to find out what they offer if you looking for facial ~


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