Monday, October 12, 2009

My beauty haul in Beauty Expo 2009

These weekends there is a Beauty Expo in PWTC, I was so undecided whether to go until I chatted with Candy at 5.30pm today and she telling me all these yummylicious promotion and CY has sms-ed me with all these promotions going on there. AT LAST CANNOT TAHAN, I went to withdraw cash and went to the expo because Candy told me that pay by cash better since many stall dont accept cards and those accepting are charging 1-3% of transaction fee. So I went 1 hour just before the expo close , hopefully I dont spend too much time there would help to lower my damage. Because I know definitely I am going to spend money !!!!!

Upon reaching there, I filled up a form and gave to the registration counter and he asked this is your company working for I said yes and they gave me free entry !!!!! And I even asked do you want my card ? I was in fact giving my office name card to them. and they dont bother to see what's all about. So I save RM10 of entry fee !!!!!

I was so confused when I reach there there are too many stalls selling different kinds of products from skincare, body care, hair accessories, nail polish, beauty accessories to hair products and equipments in the 2 halls ...Too much too see !!!! Too much to buy!!!!

So I meet with CY which already bought like in bags !! So 1st counter I went was Essie's counter where Joey was working in. And have total damage of RM176.70 !!! Okay not all purchase is mine okay , I helped my friends (Sasa & Candy) who cannot come to buy some stuffs :D And I insisted in paying cash to control my spending. After that I went to Yokoso! to check out the masks ( Total damage RM62) - The masks are really cheap!! I keep telling myself I only have RM70 cash to spend !

Below are my haul (for myself & friends)

Collagen Crystal Facial Mask RM10 for 5pcs (from Yokoso!)

Collagen Crystal Eye Mask Rm10 for 5 pcs(from Yokoso!)

France Gold Bio-Collagen Eye Mask Rm12 f0r 5 pcs (from Yokoso!)

Black Sesame Catena Mask RM20 for 4 packs (from Yokoso!)

NailTek Nail Foundation and Quicken RM39- Buy 1 free 1 promo (From Essie)

Nail Polish Remover (2liter) - RM36 (From Essie)

2 Way Magic Shine Buffer RM3.80 (From Essie)

p/s: According to Joey this is AWARD WINNING in CLEO magazine !

Nailtek Crystal File with Swarosvki RM69.90 (NP RM120) (From Essie)

p/s: This is Candy's one... she regretted because didnt buy at the expo , so asked me to get for her. Now I regretted didnt get it for myself. I still have until tomorrow to think if to get it or not !

p/s:This is so nice, that I went back on Monday to buy for myself :D Simply irresistible ~

*Bling bling*

p/s: Crystal File without any Swarosvki is selling at RM45

Essie Clutch Me If You Can Nail Polish RM28 ( From Essie)

Facial Sponge - RM 1 each

p/s: If I was earlier there slight a bit, I am sure these are not only my damages!


  1. hahahahahahahahahah.....

    buying the 1 ltr nail polish part was sure funny...

  2. Darling its 2 litter okay !!!! Somemore last 1 , sure grab, because in the previous Expo I tried this kinda salon nail polish remover, it really good ! 2ltr for RM36 is darn cheap ~

  3. the buffer is awaed wiinning la not warning....:D

  4. Joey ; Thank you for pointing out the typo error , Oh ya i went back to buy the crystal buffer :D my bf loves it as well


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