Friday, October 2, 2009

My Laneige's Haul

Reminder : You are warn that if you have weak heart you might have heart attack due to excitement or jealousy!

More pictures coming up for your enjoyment of eyes !

Don't asked me how and why .

I don't know the answer as well.

Art Play Eye Pallette - Pure Palatte

Art Play Eye Pallette - Glam Palatte

Art Play Lip Palette - Pure Pallette

Lainege Snow Magic Box - Eyeshadow

Snow Crystal Blusher - Pink Gradation

Snow Crystal Blusher - Brown Gradation

Professional Selection Blusher - Water Pink

Professional Selection Blusher - Water Rose

Professional Selection Blusher - Water Peach

The Snow Eye Palette #2

The Snow Eye Palette #1

Laneige Pore Clear Mint Mask

Laneige Waterful Wash Off Pack

Art Play Dual Face - Comes in shimmer pink+matt beige

Snow Crystal Eye Color Pencil Dual Shadow - Sherbet White-Grey

For Elite Member, You are entitle to this free gift with RM200 purchase

p/s: To be Parkson Elite Member, spend Rm500 in 1 day in accumulate receipt and apply for free. 5% rebate on ALL purchase to be credited into your card and 2 hours free parking for purchase more than Rm100


  1. wow...did u buy the highlighter??
    d ART PLAY dual face?
    faster post all the pix!

  2. OMG!!

    Another new laneige outlet shop :-)

  3. nice haul, good to see u able to going aroung again. :)

  4. wahhhhh i luv to see ur haul. wish i can borong like u. jealous2

  5. wow.. nice :) hehe.. everyone is shopping.

    oh yeah come grab the award at my blog :)

  6. wow.. nice :) hehe.. everyone is shopping.

    oh yeah come grab the award at my blog :)

  7. hehe... love to see it again and again!! :)

  8. Those snow palettes are totally cute!

    I'm now following your blog (=

  9. Hi Jess! Thanks for all your comments! I love your blog, too!

    Never heard of Laneige products before. Maybe it's not available here in Quebec?


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