Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Marvellous Lunasol AW2009 & Makeover

At last I went to bought the Lunasol package promotion of RM300 as a birthday for myself for coming week & Sasa dearie is contributing part of it ( Thanks darling, muacks....) So I went back to KLCC Isetan yesterday evening after work after been thinking for the whole evening.

Below is the process of the my Japanese style makeover !

Mr Mr. Mutsuya Sakai ( a Japanese makeup artist).

He asked for my preferred colour of my eyeshadow, I said up to you to decide as long it looked good on me !

He is thinking hard of it. He said all also pretty very difficult to make decision !

He asked what look you want?

Of course I said I want to be pretty !

He was suggesting the Dazzling Night or Starry Night.

Then I told him probably I am getting Dazzling Night so I will choose Starry Night for my makeover.

He said this is one of the palette which is can be used day and night look.

Oh ya , I forgot to mentioned Mr Sakai came from Yokohama, Japan. He is a contractual makeup artist engaged by Kanebo Japan. He speaks fluent English, Mandarin, a bit of Malay and of cos Japanese lol. The reasons why he is multi linguistic because he has been living in Taiwan for 7-8 years and Kanebo fly him in to Asia quite frequently.

He is super fast in doing makeover like bullet train that Sasa who is helping me to take pictures have difficulty in getting clear pic. Anyway even though he is super fast but he is gentle. The best part of makeover is he managed to hide my big & dark birthmark under my chin. Earlier the local artist tried to show me how good is Lunasol concealer but fail in covering my birthmark.

I am the princess of the day !

Wannabe Princess la !

His makeup is really natural and not like dramatic and faking :)

Which he also agree, he said very good !

He is such a funny makeup artist. In fact those SA working in Lunasol crazy about him, keep gossiping and peeping staring at him while he is working on my makeover.

Anyway this is a must pictures ma!

Officially my makeover is finished

Come on , give me a kawaiii post !!!

My makeover pictures, I think so so only, what you girls think ?

Compare to my previous ones ?

I have done Shiseido and Dior's makeover before

Which is nicer ?

YES YES YES , my Lunasol latest Autumn Winter 2009 collection.

Items : Lunasol Dazzling Night (# 03 Star Shower Eyes) Eye Palette , Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss in#2 Bright Orange, Lunasol Stylized Mascara EL #1 Black and Door gift of Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation Refill in in #OC04.

p/s: Actually I have bought the casing for the foundation but it is currently out of stock. And wait till I got my new casing, I shall take a complete pictures with it.

How could you not love all this colour !!

I am so in love with it , feel heart pain to even to touch it.


  1. U look good after makeup.its natural,your new photo actually different from the previous Dior one,this post your smile so the fake fake post like usual,btw i like this so much...

  2. wowwww...Mr Sakai is soooo handsome. lol. luv or make up n also ur hauls ;)

  3. mm,i love this make over and the pix. 1st the foundation look really great and the pix look very natural, feel like back to 18th year old take those young girl pix, haha~ the previous 2 look more mature.

    p/s:the ma name SAKAI......muahaha but he was really cute le

  4. I prefer this makeover photo.

    It looks more natural than the other two, a softer look.

    And for some reason i cannot pinpoint, this photo looks like some japanese star.

  5. Yes Jess, You look naturally pretty with the makeover.

  6. OMG you are soo lucky to get your hands on them!!
    i missed out this fantastic deal~~~
    the SA@isetangardens told me out-of-stock already *sniff*sniff

    you are looking so gorgeous & so polish..kawaii
    what a crazy funny makeup artist sakai-san -subarashii

    i like your smile here too! make your face with nice angles ;)

  7. stellarvixen ,

    I also last minutes decided to buy it... how come will be out of stocks, this is new range oh? Haha, I only gorgeous and kawaii with makeover & photoshop.. Hahaha ~!!! Anyway thanks. Also I still see Lunasol AW2009 lying in Isetan KLCC counter.


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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