Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swatch : Lunasol AW 2009!

Buy RM300 voucher redeem RM25o voucher to purchase anything you like and get a free complete makeover by Japanese Makeup Artist Mr Sakai, Free hairdo , an A4 portrait and FREE DOOR GIFT - Full Size Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation without case (worth RM140).

And I have till evening to consider to get it or not !!! And the RM250 voucher can be redeemable for the below promotion set Lunasol Eye Palette AW 09 , Ligloss and Mascara at RM 228 ( actual worth RM328)

Today last day promotion. Hurry up girls !!!!

The 2 eye palettes I am interested is Medium Night and Dazzling Night !

So the SA offered to try on my eyes to see the result .

So which is nicer my dear readers ?

p/s: Come on readers , give your comments to help me to choose as I am buying for myself as a coming soon birthday present. I am still wondering to buy this promo of RM228 or RM300 or just compact foundation with casing from Shiseido RM150 as I have just finished mine. Should I get the Lunasol promotion or save my money and just buy the compact from Shiseido ?


  1. Lunasol promo

    palette - depends on what other e/s colors u already have. Get the color(s) u dont have.

  2. arh......!!!!!!the blue 1 so dramatic suit you !!!

  3. buy both!! shopaholic must buy both so evil!!

  4. I bought be Stary Night (Blue Palette!) .... hehe !!!! pics to upload soon :D

    Lisa : u bad girl, asked me buy 2.. hahaha.. my mum always said greedy ppl always rugi

    Thanks Pigita, Sasa, Cindy and Wendy for your advice !

  5. they looks good on you :) you might flip the coin to know which :) hehe..

  6. i think i luv the green on you..luks nice with your skintone.

    go with one only lah, why need banyak2...nanti tak habis pakai pun ;)

  7. if you pick blue I think its nice for Christmas :)

  8. it suits you so well, love the blue color, so pretty on you^^

  9. Thanks for all the comments , I love it ! Well I bought the blue palette eyeshadow as a birthday present for myself !!!

    Froggy : Its consider a bargain after the promotion! Hehe..


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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