Thursday, November 26, 2009

Laneige's Xmas Haul - My 1st Vanity Box

Yesterday evening while chatting with a friend, then I suddenly realized I got a RM40 Parksons voucher which I'm entitled from my birthday is expiring on the very same day ! In my mind , I was thinking to buy either a pair of heels or a t-shirt since I do not want to spend more money just to used up the vouchers. Then upon reaching Pavilion, my boyfriend dropped me off first so that I have a bit more time shopping while he look for a parking space.

So I went to the ladies shoes department in Parkson Pavillion to look for the Lewre shoes collection, nothing that I like so I was thinking to myself why don't I check out the Laneige's Christmas set first although I heard that it was gone already since last week. To my suprise all the Christmas's set is still there !!!!

After 5 mins I made my decision !

I called my bf and said
"Hello, I'm done already ... "
He said "HUH , I just got my parking space!, What you buy so fast one..."

So here is my small Christmas Haul for myself!

Eye Colour Pencil Duo Shadow with Sharpener , Eyeshadow brush, a sample size of eye makeup remover and sample of cleansing oil.


A big faux leather vanity box !!!!!

Also the SA told me that I can be Laneige's member with any purchase and she gave me few samples to try!!! YUM YUM I heard so much goodness about the Strawberry mask...!!

And there are other Christmas set, which comes in RM125 and RM198 if not mistaken! (

Hurry up , Parkson Pavillion still have 4 unit of the RM90 set and what's more is today is Bonuslink Pre-Sale Member Day !!!!!

I feel so good , only spend 5 mins and RM50 to get the set !!!


  1. nice...
    TT...i din got time to go thr...
    i wonder do klcc still hv the set..
    i like the set von von bought which got a red color pouch^^

  2. Zoe : KLCC dont have Laneige's counter 1... nearest Pavillion & The Gardens

  3. wow... so pretty! umm.. me far far far away..

  4. good spend lei this one......wise spend most correctword kekkeke

    tutu J


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