Monday, November 16, 2009

My Current Obsessions !

Been busy for the past few weeks and will be busy with work, travel and etc for the coming weeks till Christmas. And currently these are my obsession !

The Lunasol AW 2009 range that I am currently addicted to!

Kanebo Coffret D'or Star Dazzling Liners

Lonely Planet !! thou I aint lonely !

Preparation for a week long Bangkok& Pattaya trip in mid Dec .

I am very particular about the holiday planning, therefore need to study hard in order have my own perfect holiday !

p/s: I know I shall be updating my M.A.C Makeover workshop soon! Well will do so if can sneak some time to do ! Well a sneak preview of the workshop!

Me & myself in workshop!

me & cute3x Shahrum (M.A.C makeup artist)!

p/s: Fatin, hold your saliva !~ You got yours cute2x pic too with him!


  1. looking pretty...have fun in Thailand girl!

  2. mac collection this one really cantik..........they make ur eyes so POP nicely....the colours really non dull cantik cantik....

    tutu J

  3. hey,

    your portrait photo so cantik la!


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