Monday, November 23, 2009

Review : Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner

Here is my second review on Tsuya Tsuya Gel Eyeliner. The eyeliner comes in 3 colours for you to choose Coal Black, Tanzanite Purple in Shimmer and Cedar Brown in Shimmer. And the product is made in not locally made by in Korea!

Here are some information of the products on the box

This is the gel liner set that comes with the brush.

The colour that was given to me is Cedar Brown in Shimmer

The swatch

I think its quite easy to use, though the brush is a bit too soft for my liking. However I just started to learn how to apply gel liner and upgraded from using pencil eyeliner! So probably I need to practice more. And once you start to use gel eyeliner you never turn back !!! Believe me !

Pros :

1) Its waterproof and smudge proof as I tried to rub it off from my hand with water.
2) Colours is shimmering and stay on for the whole evening after applying it.
3) Most importantly it comes with cap for the brush which make it hygienic and !


1) Brush is a bit too soft for my liking.
2) Texture a bit soft, and you may need to brush on a few times before applying.

Currently this Beauty Eye Pack (which consist of Gel Eyeliner & Eye Brush) selling at RM79.

Check out Tsuya Tsuya from their website ,
they have online shopping to satisfy your hunger!


  1. it look nice!! yes, i prefer liquid eyeliner compare to pencil. i duno, everytime i use pencil eyeliner, will make my eyed look smokey. when i use liquid eyeliner, i look more clean...mayb will try gel eyeliner 1 day...

  2. need advice how you clean eyes I mean like mascara I try many time and still stick at eye and lashes


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