Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review:Tsuya Tsuya Angel Eyes

Recently I have received some free products from Tsuya Tsuya Singapore for review. And I am now going to put on test and see whats the result of it !

For those who had not heard of Tsuya Tsuya before, it was founded by a lady name Teresa in 2001 in Singapore and today they have outlets/counters not only in Singapore but in Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And the main 2 products that I am going to play about it are mainly the most raved about mascara set that is the Angel Eyes Set which is their star product and their gel eyeliner set !

My clean face before I start my journey in discovering!

The Angel Eye Set!

p/s: It is believes that your eyes will turn into an angel after application, LOL. I am excited to try out this !!

The Mascara & the toner

p/s: If you feel your mascara is hardened or dried up. put 1-2 drop into it to "melt" it, and its like brand new mascara again!

From to their website


Create those long lasting, lush and
dramatic lashes! A mascara that stays and contains natural curling agent to save you the trouble of crimping. Curved applicator brush for better control and even finish. Formulated to complement Angel Eyes.

The brush is used to sweep off the excess of the fiber

From their website


Open up sleepy peepers by lengthening & thicken your lashes. You decide th length you want! Thicken embarrassingly sparse lashes with just a touch. The Pro-Vitamin B enriched formula enhances the natural appearances of your lashes by conditioning and providing the nutrients for them to grow long and lustrous. 100% natural fibers and chemical free. Suitable for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

Step 4 : Repeat the above steps until you achieve the volume and length
of the
eyelashes you desire.

Click the picture for a larger image

Front view

Side view

Haha~ I felt that my eyelashes looked like the camel's eyelashes ! And when I asked my bf to measure the eyelashes after application, I was shock when he told me 18 mm!!!!

Imagine I continue applying it a few more layers , what is the maximum length that my eyelashes can hold ? Hmm... I shall try it one fine day ! Haha...

Camwhore time !

p/s : With the mascara and the extended lashie, my eyes look so much "ALIVE'! Please excuse myself with the dramatic expression, haha I have to suit the dramatic eyelashie lol!

Pros :

1) Extend your eyelashes effectively without the need of putting fake eyelashes and your eyes look big like barbie doll's eyes. This is so good to me as I'm do not know how to put on the fake lashies properly which is very troublesome in my opinion!

2) The extended lashie looks real and feel real to me, most importantly it looks natural.

3) Contains Pro-Vitamin B enriched formula to enhance the natural appearances of your lashes by conditioning and providing the nutrients for them to grow long and lustrous.

4) Easily to be cleaned & removed by eye makeup remover.

Cons :

1) Time consuming to apply it, need to practice and have few application of the above steps to achieve the result you wanted.

2) Fibers may drop into your eyes and get irritation and your dressing table might get dirty if you are not careful like me!

3) Eyes got heavy & tired easily after few hours for some people.

4) A bit pricey compare to normal mascara ( Well normal mascara not comparable this, this is magical !)

Although there is no official kiosks in Malaysia yet,
kindly visit their website here here for more information.

Angel Eye Set which consist of White Fiber + Black Fiber + Mascara selling at NP RM 217

Oh yes Tsuya Tsuya's will be in Beauty & Spa Show 2009 Booth 132 in Midvalley next week from 27 - 29 Nov 2009! And they will be also conducting workshop ! Click here to find out more!

Have you girls try this before ?

Tell me more about it !

Try it to believe it !


  1. Wow, really fabulous...your eyes looks dramatic even without eye shadow...

  2. your eyes.. so pretty!

    SIY have you open try?

  3. ive never heard of tsuya tsuya before... but thats probably because they don't sell it where i am hehe.
    that fiber wig mascara really interests me though :P ive seen fiber wig mascaras before buut never thought theyre actual "fibers". i thought it was just a new marketing term... will definitely look more into this fiber wig business... thank you for your review ^^


  4. Hey this is like Mircoz, isn't it? Maybe Mircoz copied from this one :P
    Yr lashes look amazing with that!

  5. wah liao e 18 mm lei...dun play play lei....long e......b4 and after pic leng lor the dolly wonder mascara is important weapon for female......

    tutu J

  6. Your eyes look so gorgeous =))
    Nice review ...
    would like to try it out ... like magic ... Hehe :D

  7. Lavender : Hehe can drama a bit with this mascara ! Was surprise it looked so dolly even without eyeshadow!Thank you

    T.H : Thank you !SIY Haven't yet, need to see my doctor first.

    LOLanne : Thanks !This is a new growing brand, and they have online shopping! I was so amazed with the result, cant believe it until I try it !

    Cynthia : Haha not sure which copied which first! But this really works amazingly!

    Tutu : Thanks !I guess I can make it longer but eyelid feel kinda heavy ! Haha! After put the mascara can go electric people by blinking my eyes liao .. Hehe

    Ysin: Thank you ! Must try ,try it to believe it !

  8. hi hi... actually mircoz copied off them (according to Tsuya-Tsuya)..

    its the same product... different packaging (go figure).

  9. WOW!! WOW !! WOW !!

    fabulous results.

    Wonder if i have the patience to do so many steps though - probably only for occasions but not daily.

  10. waoh....really lots of fiber thr...
    hey gal..nice posing photo^^cute^^

  11. CheaKyGal : Thank you for the clarification !

    Pigita : Agree , especially morning sleepy head... haha sometimes lazy to makeup also. But want pretty need to scarify lol

    Zoe : Thank you @ Yes i put many many layer of fiber till tired to achieve this... I guess my patient does pay off :D

  12. Jessy,

    You might find this video interesting regarding Asian womens eye makeup.



Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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