Saturday, December 5, 2009

BizzyBody Free Trial for facial and body

Received this yesterday from the booth set up by BizzyBody at my building ground floor without any sales pitch talks. And after hearing so much comments about them, I am thinking to take up the opportunity to try ! And let's see how....


  1. wow~ cool! i wish i could have the flat tummy 1~

  2. sorry, i need to clarify one thing first.
    Me and my friend kena tipu of this slimmimg center before. they wouldnt allow us to use the last treatment until we sign up a new one!!! --> This is London Slimming center
    I try for another outlet as new customer by using the free voucher from Sunway. Before we can try the treatment, they will keep ask me to sign up before try. -->This is Bizzy Body Slimming Center
    Another one in subang, worst. The first try is RM19.90(i think la), my friend goto try it, then they say bad thing to my friend and wouldnt let her go until she sign the package. Even grab her hand leh. Until one of my friend called her, she pretend is her bf coming. Baru boleh lepas diri. I have try few slimming center like Mayfair. Non of them is like that. -->This is London Slimming Center.

  3. kim^kim : haha , i think 1 free trial cannot have flat tummy lol!

    BT : Thank you for sharing... reading your experience I feel kinda scary alrdy ! I still have pending Mayfair treatment .. yes they don't grabbed my hands eventhough trying to persuade me to add more treatments/ampoule...Go there must go with strong heart loh and without credit cards !

  4. tell me about it..... sigh.

    i'm going to bella luna tomorrow.

    I believe they will ask me to "top-up" on top of my normal body massage and facial. oh well.

    we'll see.

  5. I still feel sakit hati abt the london treatment! They eat one of my treatment! One Treatment cheap pun also RM180 leh!! like that already lose RM180. I wanna complaint to Persatuan Pengguna togehter with my friend, but friend say hard de. Cost it in package. If they count one by one treatment. We maybe need to give them money lagi. And even after the complaint, we also no dare to go cos dont know what kind of "treatment" they will give us. i hate london slimming beauty!

  6. hi Cy..

    bela luna's service in times square was good initially, but when we needed to consider the price of the package...the salesperson wasnt friendly after that

  7. bela luna ya.. i also their customer... the package is cheap la.. i sign up a package. pre treatment only 76-80 saja. But... the SA in time square no so good!!!!
    their hv one branch in Solaris. Not bad... again... i take this package just because it is cheap. hate the SA/manager Amanda. Truly a terrible manager. Eye only hv money. Very sombong!


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