Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Effective ways to Lose Weight

Recently found this from some website on the effective way to lose weight and SURE WAY to prevent over-eating. I was like WOW ... SURE OR NOT !!!

No Diet

No Pill

No Exercise

Is this possible ???

I do not think any doctors, slimming center, nutritionist dare to say that YET!!!

But here this product claimed they can do so !





A special set of utensils

Half a spoon you scoop

Half the meat you take

Half a piece you cut

So then I will turn to be half a size of me (now) ?

p/s: This utensils set will be definitely effective in losing weight , don't you think so ! Must look for it and buy....


  1. I Want I want!!!

    Such a good method LOL

  2. That's very creative. But I think this thing would just piss me off and I would switch to chopstick instead...or worse, finger foods.

    Maybe you can try those very cute sanrio forks/spoon, so you spend time enjoying how cute they look and eat less?

  3. mizz aYna : I wondering how effective also.. haha maybe take longer time to finish all the food instead...

    Pigita : OKOKOK !! If I see 1 , I buy 1 set for you... LOL

    Citrine : Using Chopstick eat rice might be effective, but if use hands, gosh everything I gulp down liao... Good idea about the cute sanrio utensils, end up admiring and not eating cos the guests at table finish all the food ? Girls are so in vain ! Hehe


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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