Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Guess what are my next review items ?

Received a parcel from last week for the purpose of review in Jessying. And was excited to find out what are the products the company is sending to me ....because I have no clue of what are the products until I received the package :D Yeh I love the element of surprise sometimes !!

Are you ready ?

Ops... Inside got a big winter melon and a pear inside the package ????

Can anyone guess what is it ?

Hehe, meanwhile let me finish up the review ....


  1. alaa, buat suspen je jess ni...cakap cepat wats inside!


  2. hey, d parcel really shaped like winter melon!!

    maybe it's winter melon skincare products??? LOL

  3. harim : Jeng jeng... will be revealed soon !!! Stay tune !

    Pigita : Hahaha ...maybe yes maybe no ? but now i want winter melon soup, so heaty!


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