Friday, January 1, 2010

My Isetan Lucky Bags !!!

Today 100 pieces of Isetan Lucky Bags was on sale today 1 January 2010 on 10am sharp. I was there around 9.30am there not many people are there as there are like 5 of them.. but suddenly the crowd larger and when the door opened, people are rushing in... not just the female shopper but the male shopper are basically running in... I went straight to Ground floor and was suprise there are not many people in the queue. Basically we have to queue up in the counter that we want to buy, then get the receipt and pay before we can get our mysterious bag!!

This is my RM100 Isetan Lucky Bag for Ladies Sundries

Elle Sport Bag worth RM229

Guess Card Wallet

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser - 5ml
Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum - 3ml
Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPH 40 - 3ml

Dior One Essential Skin Boosting Super Serum - 2ml
Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield Make-Up Base SPH50 PA++ - 5ml
Lancome Bi-Facil Instant Cleanser Sensitive Eyes - 15ml
Lancome Youth Activating Eye Concentrate 1ml x 2 sachets
Lancome Complimentary Eyebrown Trimming

Laneige Hydra Solution Essence - 15ml
Laneige Hydra Solution Cream - 10ml
Laneige Hydra Solution Activator - 5ml
Laneige Hydra Solution Eye Cream - 5ml
Laneige Balancing Emulsion 2_Ex - 5ml
Laneige Power Essential Skin Refiner_Ex - 5ml

Laneige Homme Aqua Active Sleeping Pack - 30ml
Laneige Homme Fresh Cleansing Foam - 30ml
Laneige Homme Balancing Emulsion - 25ml
Laneige Homme Refresh Skin Refiner - 25ml
Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash - 5ml

Tommy Hilfiger perfume for Him - 1.5ml
Ralph Lauren Romance Silver perfume for Men - 1.5ml

Su.Soku Foot Comfort Slip-On Toe Pad


J.Calli Mini Umbrealla

Shoe Vouchers

Geox RM100 Cash Voucher (applicable for normal price only)
Guess RM50 Cash Voucher ( applicable for normal price only)
Joy& Peace RM50 Rebate Voucher (applicable for normal price up to 30% discount)
Fiorucci RM30 Rebate Voucher (applicable for normal price up to 30% discount)
Everbest RM20 Rebate Voucher (applicable for normal price up to 30% discount)

Aldo RM50 Cash Voucher (with minimum purchase of RM250)

RM100 Isetan Lucky Bag for Bedding (Queen fitted Sheet set worth of RM179)


Then my boyfriend bought another Isetan Lucky Bag for Ladies Sundries, everything inside was the same except for the below


Instead of Umbrella, this is a Denni Long2xx Earring

So girls what did you get for your lucky bags ??


  1. wow!! I think it really worth the price!
    Too bad I missed it.. (cannot wait up this morning..>.<)

  2. Wow Ying, this was surely a great deal. Sad that i couldnt make it today :( Hope they'll again do it next year.. Anyways Happy New Year to you..

  3. Wow... nice hauL! really worth the money la!!! Too bad i am not in town today!

  4. my gosh...damn nice!!!!
    sibeh worth lor~~~
    ohh....hate my sis coz she steal my isetan newsletter and ask me dun go for this lucky bag...hmg~~~

  5. Wow!!! Amazing stuffs... The goodies in the lucky bag are more than what it stated in the newsletter. Too bad, I missed it!

  6. wowww, lucky bag indeed... can i have the also voucher please2, hehhhe =P

  7. Wah, i didnt get the mini-umbrella, so nice. Prefer that to the earrings i got.

  8. All of those things were inside that one bag??


    Fuyyoo dasyatnye!


  9. Jean : Yes !!

    Sapphire : This is the 2nd time Isetan organising this, so likely there will another one next year

    Candy : Nvm, hehe u got to shop in Singapore to compensate you for this!

    Zoe : Nvm u got to save your cash !!!

    Juli : Its actually exactly as what it's stated in the newsletter
    Wait for next year !!!

    Ayna : You mean shoe vouchers ?? U are shoe freak eh.. heheh !!!! Email me !

    Pigita : Yes I like the Umbrella too !!

    Slowbrogal : Yes indeed !! so next time wakeup early queue up and buy..hehe!

    Harim : Yes dasyat !! But I heard Japan Lucky Bag is very common and very very generous !!!

    T.H : Wait for next year, what time u got there ?


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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