Saturday, February 27, 2010

Biotherm Aquasource 1.2.3 Hydration Challenge

Spotted Biotherm roadshow just outside Hush Puppies in Midvalley's yesterday after I went for the Clarins White

Be the first 30 person to visit them at the time selected above, you will get gift for Optimal Hydration for absolutely free !

Go for the challenge now !

Roadshow runs from now to Sunday (which is tomorrow)

This is the scanner to see what is your hydration level.

I was told that I have an extremely high hydration level contrary to my believe that I always has dehydrated skin. The full point is 50 , and I got 45.9 , and was the only person who got more than 40 on that day itself!

Whoopie , I was so happy as this shown that I have successfully rescue my skin from being dehydrated after using Clarins Hydraquench series for quite a while. And my 7 steps daily skin care regime has truly paid off !

Later I went for a more detail scan at Bioscan 7.0

My hydration level was above the normal according to SA :)

Very bad sebum level ~~~sob sob sob !!!!!!

Hehe, hope my elasticity level will be maintained :D

So as overall i have high pigmentation level and large pores

At the end of the skin test, i was given Aquasource Superserum 5ml to try :)

There are also promotion sets available at the counter, so girls visit Biotherm roadshow at the selected time to have your skin diagnosed and get the sample for absolutely free .

I wanted to say Happy Chinese New Year for the last time in year 2010 before it ends officially tommorow, where the Chinese folks celebrated the Lantern Festival is also called the Yuan Xiao Festival in Chinese. This day marks the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday in early spring (also the last day of the full moon which is also known as Chap Goh Mei)

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