Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Complimentary of Estee Lauder Signature Service

I went for a walk in Parkson last week after work. And past by Estee Lauder's counter which was located at the entrance of Parksons KLCC. And saw this complimentary Estee Lauder's Signature Service notice at their counter. So without any delay , I walked in to enquire.

Ms. Marlia Mahat the counter manager served me, I went for "Your match, your finish, Your shade" to look for the ideal foundation and then proceed to "2 Minute Touch Up". She was very professional and even share her experience in make up ( Hehe, I keep quiet as if like I am a newbie at makeup) Then started a point she keep recommending me to buy some items.. ( I have to say NO even the items and promotion was attractive... have too much at home!) Anyway she does all the talking and I just listen, most importantly she is polite which I feel comfortable! Is alright for SA to be a little bit pushy because this is her job ...however politeness must always be maintained :)

And end of the day I got 2 samples

1) Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - 02 ( only got one time application only!)
2) Estee Lauder Nutritious Night Creme (a full jar!) - she told me I have very dry skin, sob!

And Marlia even told me to go back the counter to try their others service ! How nice is that !

So girls go Estee Lauder's counter to try their Signature service now..

I'm going to try their samples and review up later ?

Btw, Have you girls finish with your Chinese New year Shopping ?

I would say for Shopaholic, there is no ending to shopping....

p/s: I would personally recommend KLCC Parkson's counter after having a good time there :) Go nowwwwwww

For more info , visit Estee Lauder Malaysia website


  1. I would recommend KLCC parkson as well.. Last time when I went over for my complimentary makeover, their SA was super nice to me.. I am totally a newbie to makeup, so she explains to me how did she apply the eyeliner on my eyes (I have single eyelid). Other than that, I'm kinda zero so I don't really know how she 'wow' my look.. Haha..

  2. MY : Thank you for sharing :) Hehe , all of us love patience and nice SA :D

  3. Marlia is one of the best counter managers. She's one of those who I feel comfortable with.

  4. Anonymous : Wow, she must have leave good impression on you. Great to know that which counters SA ( especially the Counter Manager) are knowledgeable yet service orientated :) Thank you for sharing, btw, you didnt leave your name! Hehe~


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