Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Makeover with Laneige Spring Ornament Collection 2010

I visited Laneige Roadshow on the early of Friday morning to be able to among earlybird to purchase the Ornament collection and entitle to a free brush set. Subsequently the SA had asked me if I wanted a makeover from their guest Makeup Artist, Mr. Steven Cho who is from Amore Pacific.

The Ornament eyeshadow palette consists of very romantic purple colour ~

This colour is very suitable for day & night look !

Mr Steven Cho who is from Seoul, Korea speaks NO english, but there is a Korean lady who is providing live translation in English.

Although there is a language barrier, but he keep chatting with me (with the translator) and sharing each and every steps he did on me. And he is also very generous in sharing his tips while doing makeup:)

Such a friendly and gentle makeup artist, because when he was makeover-ing me, he was so gentle with his movement.

p/s: Though I love this palette but I resist from buying because I have the almost the same colour palette from Starry Night eye palette from Lunasol Autumn Winter 2009 collection which I have bought late last year in Kanebo warehouse.


  1. purple is still hot color this season! Glad that I got my purple palette from MAC last xmas~
    but this one more sweet! I must resist!

  2. CY : Haha, should have asked you ah !

    Jean : Yeh , very sweet collection but then its quite common as most brand has purple in their collection.

    Shifa : Yes ! indeed very pretty with a pretty reasonable price


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