Monday, February 8, 2010

Review: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

I received a package all the way from USA a week plus ago asking me to review their product ! How excited am I to find out that , I was given a full bottle (120ml) and 2 sachets of Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion and their latest product Shielding Lotion + Sunscreen SPH 15!

And if you remember well, I have 8 steps skincare which has not include my body care to apply (I have to admit I am so kiasu, because I am gettting OLD mature ! which means I'm fear of losing out!). However this product can be used for face, hand and body which means 3 in 1 just like nescafe~which was invented for lazy smart people like me!

Are you also the kind of smart people like me?

This is what Skin MD Natural promises to perform !

I am going to do some experiments to see whether it perform what it says!

Apply the right way !

The ingredients !!!

It's paraben free and have been used and prescribed by Dermatologist!

Sounds promising eh!

This is a USA's product! All the way from Beverly Hills!

Also I would want to share how this lotion works scientifically by showing the grapics below. ( Remember to click to enlarge each pictures below for a larger picture)

This is our skin structure, in case you don't know...hehe!

According to Skin MD, the conventional moisturizer does not help in treating dry skin and the the skin will be robbed of its natural moisture.

And with Skin MD Natural, irritations are keep out, moisture level are keep in and making it the perfect dry skin care product!


Enough of facts, let's hear me out on my evaluation!

I like how the bottle opening is, which make me easier to control how much lotion I would want to squeeze each time.

I am trying on my palm now for the 1st time.

The texture : Very Light which because it largely made from Deionized water (Aqua)

The smell : Very mild scented which was very pleasant to me, which I think is Aloe vera!

As you can see it is very light in texture , which makes the application to be easy as it glides in smoothly into my skin.

And the lotion absorb into my skin without seconds without leaving my palm to be greasy yet I can feel my palm is smoother and more moisturiser.

So overall 1st experiment on my palm with Skin MD Natural, I feel good!

Well before I start with my 2nd experiment, you are warned that if you have weak heart you should leave immediately.. as the the gross pictures will be here for experimental purposes!

This is my ankle !!

Did I hear yucks ? Don't say I did not warn you!!!

I have very very very 10x extremely dry skin at my ankle until its peeling and bleeding so frequently that I swear that many skincare/footcare I have tried have not give solution to my problem !!! Even Ellgy can't fully solve this problem.

And I was so embarrassed with this dry skin especially when I love wearing pretty heels and the dry and peeling ankles does not match my pretty heels!

So I guess what's wrong in giving Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion a try which sound promising right?

After few applications within few days, I saw positive result, my ankle was healing fast and my skin was moisture! I did not expect at first that such a light texture lotion would provide such a high level of moisturizer until I have seen this result !!! And this lotion shields me from having dry skin!

I am a convert by now!

And this is my Holygrail product list!

And I have to say YES that SkinMD Natural fulfill their promise to perform !

And great thing is I even dare myself to stop using my moisturizer (YES, my 8 steps skincare!) and use this lotion for one day!!! I am pretty happy with the fact that it does not cause irritation , my skin felt moisture and most importantly not greasy after a day long activity It is skincare cum bodycare !

So thank you Cat from Skin MD Natural for sending me such a great item for review ! And I hope that this product will be in Malaysia soon (Currently the nearest country we can get is in Singapore for S$29.90 for such a big bottle). I am definitely going to get this one for my mum too !!!

Exclusion clause : All above pictures, review and comments are of my property and personal opinion only and the above products are provided by Skin MD Natural for the purpose of review in this blog :)

Star Rating

p/s: Keep an eyes for a giveaway soon if you want to own this HG product!!!!! All the from USA to ship directly to your doorstep ! For more information on Skin MD Natural visit their website at !


  1. hmm quite impressive result on the foot!

    Interesting and "non-parabens" mmmm. ....

  2. paraben free!!! that's good! and I have skin problem too (super dry cracked skin..>.<)..where can I get this product? definitely love to try it out!!

  3. wow ! looks like magic :D hope they sell in malaysia ... I need something like that !

  4. wow! great review.Where did u get this product?

  5. Gaby : Indeed ! I should named it my magic cream!!

    Pigita : Yes, yes , yes ..and most importantly it will not be greasy which i love :)

    Jean : You can either buy it online or get it from Singapore :) visit their website

    Tysin : yes,is my magic cream now.. i will feedback to them..hopefully they will enter into Malaysian market soon!!!

    Lavender: The company sent me the product for review purposes :)

  6. Good to hear that it worked so well for you! :D


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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