Friday, March 12, 2010

I Nuovi 2010 Warehouse Report

The warehouse will be extended till tommorow (13 March 2010 ) from 10 am to 2pm.

Location : Unit 13.2 Block E2, Jalan PJU1/42A, Dataran Prima, Taman Mayang Mas, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel : 03-7800 0028

Went to I nuovi warehouse yesterday with Sasa and even with the help of GPS we reached there after few rounds of turning left and right even though it was so near her bf's workplace! It is mainly because there is no banner showing direction and it is located at some very "hidden" corner and usually people living and working KL would not go there. If you intend to go there, then your landmark would be Dataran Prima Condominium, and the nearest train station will be Kelana Jaya putra lrt station. And I think you need to get a taxi there. There might be a bus to go there, but I am not sure. The warehouse was conducted in I Nuovi's office itself at one of its small office room.

So I bought some of these !

RM20 dinner clutch (NP: Btwn RM40-50)

RM5 makeup sponge (NP: 13)

I bought I Nuovi Prolash 08-RM10

-I nuovi prolash 08 - RM10/pair
-I nuovi Prolash EX- RM20/pair
-I nuovi NU (for underlash) - RM10
-I nuovi Studiocake Foundation - RM30
-I nuovi Perfector Concealer - RM10
-I nuovi Facescape (Skin Illuminating Powder) - RM35
-I nuovi Immaculate Powder (press powder) - RM30
-I nuovi Loose powder - RM30
-I nuovi Eyelash curler - RM15
-I nuovi Blusher Colours D36 - RM15
-I nuovi Ultragloss - RM15
-I nuovi Trucolour Eyeshadow - RM15
-I nuovi Eyeshadow Colours D27 - RM10
-I nuovi Triangle makeup sponge - RM5/pack
-I nuovi Ivoluxe Lipstick - RM20
-I nuovi Browcake for eyebrow- RM5
-I nuovi Eyebase - RM5
-I nuovi Dust (Pigment powder) - RM15
-I nuovi Lipliner and Eyebrow pencil - RM10
-I nuovi Makeup remover - RM30
-I nuovi powder foundation sponge- RM3
-Handbags & Dinner Clutch - RM3 to RM20

I might missed out some items especially their skincare which was on sale but I wasn't available but I wasnt interested. Generally the items are about 50% discount and more.

Also the SA kept asking me to sign up their makeup workshop which is RM88 , and you get goodie bag worth RM197 for free which includes one lip palette worth RM39.90, one Colour D27 eyeshadow D27, 1 mini brush set worth RM9.90 and a VIP pass of 20% discount on normal items which can be used at the HQ. The next available makeup session will be on next Saturday 20 March 2010 and if you can gather 2-8 participants, they can conduct a small private class for you girls. Anyway I didn't sign up as the makeup class must be conducted at their HQ which is quite not convenient for me to go ! So some of you might be interested! Check it out. Registration must be made at their HQ (i.e referred to the address above) and the fee of RM88 must be paid before hand.

p/s: Didn't bring get my camera there and was rush to go somewhere else after that, that explains why there are no pictures of the warehouse.


  1. T.H : I think so , this quality is quite good as well :)

  2. are you going this year? lol.. I dont think so for me as I am always lost. haha.

  3. is the dinner black clutch is still available?plis reply at my


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