Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jessying's readers enjoy 20% off from Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Hey readers while you are waiting for the announcement of the winner of the Jessying's 100th Followers Skin MD Natural Giveaway, why not grab a bottle of one or two for your mother, sisters or best friends ?

I am sure you would not want to share the precious magic cream with them , because it is so good !!!! Well to be exactly, you want to enjoy the goodness of it from a bottle as whole !

It will be your face moisturizer, sunscreen and body lotion as well!

3 in 1 !

How economical and convenient would it be ?

Well, I checked with Cat (PR Representative from Skin MD Natural, USA) whether there will be any consolation for those who unlucky ones (I would say lucky okay, I will tell you why!) did not win the giveaway! Well she gave us a very good offered !

The discount code is exclusively created for Jessying's readers!!!

Its 20% of your purchase from Skin MD Natural website until end of 31 March 2010 !

Here is the discount code : Jess4311

So hurry up and grab yourself a few bottles !

Note : There is no extra delivery charges, if you are buying more than 1 bottle! Therefore share with your family and family to buy , and share the fix shipping fee !

Even there is no 20% discount, you still should buy it because its magical (at least to me)? If my words did not convince you, my before & after pictures will prove it to you ! So you say lucky or not got 20% discount ?

Well click here to read my review , see it to believe it !!!

p/s: It is roughly RM48 for a bottle of this magic lotion and the fix shipping fee is RM33 ( So if you shared with a few family/friends, you can share the cost of shipping fee to be sent to your doorstep! ) Anyone who wanted to share, can leave a comment here, I will see how can I help !> I am also thinking to get another bottle or so ! Will definitely regret if missed out this discount!

For more information/purchase of the Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion , click here


  1. I want a bottle!!

    share delivery charges pls otherwise it becomes very expensive.

    When will it be available locally?

  2. is it available in Singapore market? can i grab it in any Singapore shopping center?

  3. Pigita : Need more people to share delivery !! get more of your kakis ! I need to check with them when wan to bring it in the magic cream!

    kim_kim^^ - As I know you can buy from this website (http://www.drm.com.sg/catalog/index.php?cPath=52) a link from Skin MD Natural itself, I think it's their distributor/agent, and provide delivery to doorstep and COD. You can try call them see where and how much its being charged ? Let me know too ya !


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